Former WKLZ AM 1470 Kalamazoo

Last Known Format: News-Talk

Off air date: 2/2006

On air date:

Last Known Technical Information:

Class: B
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 800 watts / 1, omnidirectional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 1,000 watts / 3, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • DWKLZ: 2/20/2006
  • WKLZ: 10/1/1998
  • WQSN: 6/26/1985
  • WKLZ: 4/2/1982
  • WYYY: 197x
  • WKLZ:

Call Sign Origin:

  • Kalamazoo

Last Known Owner: Fairfield Broadcasting


  • 2/2006: Station is taken off the air and the license turned in to the FCC, which was part of the agreement that allowed AM 1660 to sign on.
  • 9/1998: WQSN format and call sign move from 1470 AM to the expanded AM band at 1660 AM. The 1470 frequency picks up the call sign WKLZ for the second time after WKLZ-FM 98.9 Petoskey agrees to change its call sign from WKLZ to WKLZ-FM and allow AM 1470 to use it in Kalamazoo. The two signals simulcast the sports format for awhile- then 1470 WKLZ changed its format to News-Talk.
  • 1970s: WKLZ changed its calls to WYYY in an attempt to get a more "catchy" sign and slogan ("The Ys-Guys") and to try to compete with the AM teenager power house at the time - WKMI.




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