WUNN AM 1110 Mason/Lansing

Slogan/Positioner: Family Life Radio

Format: Religious; Christian talk and music

Contact this station through their web site, linked below:WUNN AM 1110

Web site: www.myflr.org

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: D
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 1,000 watts / 2, directional
Daytime operations only

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Call Sign History:

  • WUNN

Call Sign Origin:

  • 'One'; One-One-One-Oh

On Air Date: about 1969

Owner: Family Life Communications

Office Telephone: (520) 742-6976


  • 2009: FM translator on 99.9 in Lansing (W260BX) signs on, first rebroadcasting WHZZ FM 101.7 on a temporary basis until switching to be a translator of WUNN; license granted in November, 2009.
  • 2006: Simulcast of WUFN resumes.
  • 200x: WUNN separates programming from WUFN; new format is southern Gospel.
  • 1971: Sister station WUFN FM 96.7 Albion begins operations; WUNN and WUFN simulcast during daylight hours (WUNN signs off at sunset each day).
  • late 1960s: Booth takes over programming of WIBM-FM; Family Life Radio founds WUNN AM 1110 by 1969 and the station becomes Family Life Radio's first owned/operated station.
  • 1966: Family Life Radio starts as a 30-minute program on WIBM-FM 94.1 Jackson. Founders Warren and Char Bolthouse eventually took the format full-time on the Booth-owned WIBM-FM.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Ingham County

Old logo gallery:

WUNN AM 1110






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