Former WMHG AM 1600 Muskegon

Last Known Format: Adult Standards

Off air date: December 31, 2007

On air date: Approximately 1948

Last Known Technical Information:

Class: B
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 5,000 watts / 1, omnidirectional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 5,000 watts / 4, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • DWMHG: 3/3/2008
  • WMHG: 11/18/1996
  • WSFN: 3/13/1992
  • WSNZ: 2/25/1989
  • WSNX: 2/24/1989
  • WTRU: 1956
  • WKNK: about 1948

Call Sign Origin:

  • Magic 1600
  • Muskegon Heights

Last Known Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting


  • 3/2008: Licence is officially cancelled and WDSS AM 1680 is granted its license.
  • 1/2008: Licensing agreement between Clear Channel and Cumulus expires and the station goes silent. In 1998, WMHG was granted an expanded band station (in 2008 was WDSS AM 1680) and it is uncertain if the station will ever return. According to the FCC database, the station's license expired in 2004 and had not been renewed although an application for renewal was filed in 2004.
  • 2002: Noted that station is no longer broadcasting in AM stereo
  • 2001: Clear Channel begins local marketing agreement with Cumulus. Cumulus maintains ownership of the station with Clear Channel programming and operating the station. 4 other Muskegon stations owned by Cumulus (WMUS-FM/AM, WMRR-FM, WSHZ-FM) were sold outright to Clear Channel as part of this deal.
  • 11/29/1999: Announced that Cumulus will be acquiring Connoisseur Communications for $242 million. FCC approves sale in March 2000.
  • 6/22/1999: WMHG AM 1600 sold from Goodrich Radio to Connoisseur while the expanded band replacement WJNZ 1680 remains under the ownership of Goodrich Radio.
  • 10/1998: The urban format of WMHG was moved to a new AM station on the expanded band, WJNZ 1680. WMHG changes format to Adult Standards.
  • 1996: Format change to Urban as WMHG 'Magic 1600'.
  • 1992: Format change to Sports as WSFN 'The Fan'.
  • 1986: Station begins simulcasting Top 40 format of sister station WSNX-FM 104.5. Station is owned by Goodrich Radio.
  • Late 1970s: Format change to Adult Contemporary.
  • 1956: Format change to Top 40 as WTRU, "The Livin' End of Your Radio Dial" and enjoyed considerable success in Muskegon through the mid-1970s. Another popular slogan used by the station during this era was "The TRU Spirit of America".
  • about 1948: Station signs on with call sign WKNK, owner was Nick Kurtis.

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