WKBZ AM 1090 Muskegon

Slogan/Positioner: NewsTalk 1090; The Talk of Muskegon

Format: News-Talk

Contact this station through their web site, linked below:WKBZ AM 1090

Web site: www.newstalk1090.com

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: D
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 1,000 watts / 1, omnidirectional
Daytime operations only

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Call Sign History:

  • WKBZ: 4/15/2005
  • WMUS: 1947

Call Sign Origin:

  • WKBZ is a heritage call sign for Muskegon and the lakeshore area
  • Muskegon

On Air Date: 1947

Owner: iHeartMedia

Office Telephone: (231) 733-2600


  • 4/15/2005: Call sign change to WKBZ, bringing back the heritage call sign to Muskegon. WKBZ was last on AM 1520 before that station went silent in 2001. Prior to that, WKBZ was used on AM 850 Muskegon for many years. WKBZ was first used on AM 1500 Ludington before the station ultimately moved to Muskegon.
  • 4/23/2001: Simulcast of FM 106.9 (Country) dropped in favor of News-Talk programming
  • 1/16/2001: FCC approves sale to Clear Channel from Cumulus
  • 9/5/2000: Announced that station is being sold to Clear Channel by Cumulus Broadcasting
  • 3/14/2000: FCC approves sale from Connoisseur to Cumulus
  • 11/29/1999: Announced that Cumulus will be acquiring Connoisseur Communications for $242 million
  • 1965: Format is country as 'Top Gun Radio', simulcast on WMUS-FM 106.9.
  • 1962: A second WMUS-FM begins operations; this station remains on-air through the present day on 106.9, but with a different call sign.
  • 1947: WMUS-FM 100.5 signs on, but does not last through the early 1950s before going silent.
  • 1947: WMUS begins operations becoming Muskegon's second licensed radio station. The original WKBZ was the city's first.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Muskegon County

Old logo gallery:

WKBZ AM 1090






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