WSNL AM 600 Flint

Slogan/Positioner: WSNL Victory 600

Format: Religious

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Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: D
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 440 watts / 3, directional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 250 watts / 2, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • WSNL: 3/31/1997
  • WTAC: 10/13/1948
  • WTCB:
  • WFLM:

Call Sign Origin:

  • Salt 'N Light

On Air Date: April 26, 1946

Owner: The Christian Broadcasting System

Office Telephone: (810) 694-4146


  • 9/2006: License to cover granted for new facilities SW of Flint (440 watts daytime, 250 watts night).
  • 4/2005: Construction permit modified to specify 440 watts daytime / 250 watts nightime instead of 250 day /192 night. Location remains the same.
  • 6/2004: Construction permit granted to change Class/Power/Location: Class D with 250 watts daytime from a 3 tower array, 192 watts nighttime from a 2 tower array. The new location is southwest of Flint.
  • 9/2/2003: 3 of the station's 4 towers were torn down to make way for a residential subdivision. The 4th tower was scheduled to come down in March 2004 after the station received approval from the FCC for new facilities further west in Genesee County. Until then, the station operated with special temporary authority from the FCC from its now-modified single tower site. The 4 tower array for AM 600 was put in place in 1946.
  • Old site tower photos, thanks Tom Bosscher
  • 2003: AM stereo is dropped.
  • 1997: Purchased by Christian Broadcasting System, format change to talk-based religious format.
  • Early 1990s: Format change to Contemporary Christian music.
  • 5/22/1989: Purchased by Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting.
  • 1981: Format change to Country.
  • Owned at one point during its Top 40 era by the owners of Chicago's Chess Records, the Chess Brothers.
  • 1956: Format change to Top 40 Rock 'n Roll as 'WeeTac, the Big 6'.
  • 1954: Purchased by Radio Hawaii, Inc.
  • Dec. 1946: Trendle & Campbell Broadcasting Corporation purchase WFLM and change the call sign, first to WTCB, then WTAC. WTAC was also known to be referred to as standing for We are the Auto Capital and/or We are the Auto City.
  • Station is on-air as WFLM, Flint Michigan.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Genesee County

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