WCHB AM 1200 Taylor/Detroit

Slogan/Positioner: NewsTalk WCHB

Format: News-Talk / Smooth Jazz / Gospel

Contact this station through their web site, linked below:WCHB AM 1200

Web site: www.wchbnewsdetroit.com

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status:

Class: B
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 50,000 watts / 4, directional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 15,000 watts / 10, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • WCHB: assigned 1956

Call Sign Origin:

  • Wendell Cox & Haley Bell (original owners)

On Air Date:

  • November, 1956 on AM 1440
  • Moved to AM 1200 in 1990

Owner: Radio One

Office Telephone: (313) 259-2000


  • 2012: Smooth Jazz dayparts added in evenings and overnights.
  • 10/2011: FM translator W260CB 99.9 begins rebroadcasting WCHB via WDMK-FM 105.9 HD2.
  • 2009: Daytime schedule again shifts back to talk from Gospel.
  • 6/2008: Daytime Gospel programming again replaces talk shows.
  • 4/2005: Daytime Gospel programming dropped in favor of lineup of talk shows aimed at urban audience. Gospel shows still air from 9pm - 6am weekday and weekends.
  • 3/1999: Returns to the air with regular programming, primarily a Gospel Music format with talk mornings
  • 8/1998: Goes off the air to upgrade equipment. Will return with 50,000 watts daytime, 15,000 watts nighttime. Radio One also purchased AM 1210 Frankenmuth from Bell Broadcasting and moved that station to Kingsley to allow WCHB to upgrade. AM 1210 was later sold off.
  • 7/1998: Sale of WCHB-AM 1200 and WCHB-FM 105.9 (later WDTJ) is completed from Bell Broadcasting to Radio One
  • 2/22/1990: Frequency change from 1440 to 1200
  • early 2/1990: When 1200 AM in Taylor began testing with open carrier they were unable to use the WCHB call letters for hourly IDs because the WCHB calls were still in use on 1440. During the testing period they were assigned WMKM. These call letters were never used during regular programming; only as an hourly ID during the test period. When testing was completed and WCHB's programming was moved to 1200, the WMKM calls were changed to WCHB with the WMKM call letters being simultaneously assigned to 1440.
  • Bell Broadcasting was the second oldest black-owned broadcasting company in the nation when WCHB first signed on in 1956. Dr. Wendell Cox and Dr. Haley Bell were actually the first blacks to receive a Permit to Construct from the FCC when they built WCHB from the ground up in Inkster MI during the early 1950's. The Carter family of Kansas City were the first blacks to actually own a station about a year earlier; however they purchased an already existing facility and frequency (KPRS). Clarence Ringo was the man behind WCHB AM; he designed a 12-tower array to minimize interference with a Canadian station, which ultimately led to an FCC approval which otherwise would have been denied. Bell also owned WJZZ-FM 105.9 which at one time was the highest Arbitron rated jazz station in the country during the early 1990's.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Wayne County; near Sibley and Middlebelt Roads

Old logo gallery:

WCHB AM 1200






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