WHHQ AM 1250 Bridgeport/Saginaw/Bay City

Slogan/Positioner: Ave Maria Radio

Format: Religious; Catholic based talk/sermons

Contact this station through their web site, linked below:WHHQ AM 1250

Web site: www.avemariaradio.net

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: D
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 5,000 watts / 4, directional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 1,100 watts / 4, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • WHHQ: 6/18/2013
  • WNEM: 8/2/2004
  • WKNX: 2/1/1997
  • WJZZ: 8/23/1996
  • WXOX: 2/13/1984
  • WTCX: 11/1/1983
  • WXOX: 1962
  • WWBC: 1956

Call Sign Origin:


On Air Date: November 26, 1956

Owner: Ave Maria Communications

Office Telephone: (734) 930-5200


  • 6/2013: After being silent for a period, station resumes broadcasting as WHHQ with Catholic-based programs as Ave Maria Radio.
  • 1/2013: Meredith announces it will donate the station to Ave Maria Communications, a company that already owns/operates two other radio stations in Michigan - both of which carry a Religous/Catholic format. The transaction is completed in April, 2013.
  • 6/9/2005: Application for major change granted to change daytime ERP from 1,000 watts using 3 towers to 5,000 watts using 4 towers and nighttime ERP from 129 watts (3 towers) to 1,100 watts (4 towers). The station's community of license will change from Bay City to Bridgeport once the construction permit work is completed, which happens in January, 2006.
  • 8/2/2004: Format change from Talk/Oldies/Religious WKNX (calls were inspired from KNX radio Los Angeles) to News as WNEM with some Religious programs on weekends. In addition to replays of newscasts from sister station WNEM-TV 5 Bay City, the station airs a rotating news "wheel" of content created for the radio station using the resources of WNEM-TV.
  • 6/2004: Construction permit granted to increase daytime power from 1,000 watts using 3 towers to 5,000 watts using 4 towers
  • 5/2004: FCC approves sale to Meredith Corp.
  • 3/2004: License to cover granted for nighttime service
  • 3/2004: Announced that station has been sold for $1.1 million by Frankenmuth Broadcasting (John and Kathy Blehm) to Meredith Corporation. Meredith also owns / operates WNEM-TV 5 in Bay City. WKNX is expected to take on the call sign of WNEM and change format to News/Talk once the sale is approved by the FCC.
  • 1/2004: Application filed to increase daytime power to 5,000 watts from current 1,000.
  • 8/2003: Construction permit granted to add nighttime service at 129 watts from same three tower array as used for current daytime pattern.
  • 12/2001: Talk programming added to Oldies format during daytime hours.
  • 6/30/1997: Purchased by Frankenmuth Broadcasting.
  • 1/1997: Oldies WKNX 1210 Frankemuth and silent WJZZ 1250 Bay City swap calls. The AM 1210 subsequently moved from Frankenmuth to Kingsley (near Traverse City) to make way for an upgrade to AM 1200 in the Detroit area.
  • 1994: Purchased by Bell Broadcasting (along with WKNX 1210 Frankenmuth)
  • early 1990s: Station, as WXOX, goes silent
  • 11/26/1956: WWBC-AM 1250 Bay City signs on, owner is Water Wonderland Broadcasting Company

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Saginaw County

Old logo gallery:

WNEM AM 1250 WNEM AM 1250






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