WTKA AM 1050 Ann Arbor

Slogan/Positioner: Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

Format: Sports

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Web site: www.wtka.com

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: B
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 10,000 watts / 4, directional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 500 watts / 4, directional

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Call Sign History:

  • WTKA: 2/8/1993
  • WPZA: 12/6/1987
  • WPAG: 1945

Call Sign Origin:

  • The Ticket Ann Arbor
  • Pizza (reflecting then-owner Tom Monaghan's ownership of Dominos Pizza)
  • Paul and Art Greene (original owners)

On Air Date: 1945

Owner: Cumulus Media

Office Telephone: (734) 302-8100


  • 3/2009: FCC again approves sale of 8 Battle Creek and Ann Arbor stations from Clear Channel to Cumulus. Official closing of sale is pending Clear Channel completing construction of a new permanant tower and antenna for sister station WWWW-FM 102.9.
  • 12/2006: Cumulus is acquiring Ann Arbor stations WWWW-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA AM 1050, and WLBY AM 1290 along with Battle Creek stations WBXX-FM 95.3, WRCC-FM 104.9, WBCK AM 930, and WBFN AM 1400 from Clear Channel pending FCC approval and closing. Cumulus will then immediately donate WBFN AM 1400 Battle Creek to Family Life Communications. The transaction is first approved in December 2007.
  • 8/30/2000: AMFM/Clear Channel merger closes, station is part of Clear Channel.
  • 5/4/2000: Announced that station is being sold to Clear Channel by Cumulus Broadcasting.
  • 3/1999: AM Stereo is dropped.
  • 1/1999: Station drops most non-sports programming and becomes 'The Ticket'. Remaining non-sports programming includes Paul Harvey and Michigan Farm Radio Network.
  • 1997: Acquired by Cumulus Broadcasting.
  • 1994: Station is purchased by Ann Arbor Radio.
  • 9/30/1992: Monaghan sells to MW Blue Partnership
  • 1988: Format change to Full Service / Adult Contemporary
  • 12/1986: Station is purchased by Tom Monaghan (then owner of Domino's Pizza) and change call sign to WPZA.
  • 1985: Format change to Country as 'Country 1050'.
  • 198x: Format change to Adult Contemporary
  • early 1980s: Format change to Adult Standards
  • 1960s: Format is Top-40, but by 1968 changes to Full Service/Middle-of-the-road.
  • 1950s: WPAG-TV is co-owned and operates for several years on Channel 20 in Ann Arbor but does not survive the decade.
  • 1945: WPAG signs on, becoming the first station licensed to Washtenaw County. Owned by Paul and Art Greene, the call letters WPAG were selected to reflect their names. WPAG's studios were on the 3rd floor of the Hutzel Building, Main at Liberty. For many years there was a ladies lingerie and apparel store down on 1st floor-- but the WPAG calls didn't actually mean "Women's Panties & Girdles" as proclaimed at station's Christmas party every year by late Michigan Wolverines football broadcaster Bob Ufer.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Washtenaw County; near Willis and Stony Creek Roads

Old logo gallery:

WTKA AM 1050






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