Former WCEN AM 1150 Mt. Pleasant

Last Known Format: News/Talk

Off air date: November, 2000

On air date: August 8, 1949

Last Known Technical Information:

Class: D
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 900 watts / 1, nondirectional
Daytime operations only

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Call Sign History:

  • WCEN

Call Sign Origin:

  • Central Michigan

Last Known Owner: Wilks Broadcasting


  • 2002: Wilks request for license cancellation is granted by FCC.
  • 11/2000: Station goes silent as Wilks moves the operations of WCEN-FM to Saginaw but opts to discontinue broadcasting WCEN some 51 years after the station first went on the air.
  • 7/2000: Announced that WCEN-FM 94.5 and WCEN-AM 1150 have been sold by Summerville to Wilks Broadcasting for $6 million. The FCC approves the sale within two months.
  • 6/1990: WCEN-FM/AM move transmitter location to a new tower near Coleman. With the move WCEN AM reduces power to 900 watts non-directional, daytime only and the format is changed to talk.
  • 5/1986: WCEN-FM/AM are purchased by Sommerville Broadcasting from Central Michigan Broadcasting.
  • 2/1968: Central Michigan Broadcasting purchases WCEN-FM/AM from Paul Brandt.
  • 1959: Sister station WCEN-FM begins operations.
  • 2/26/1952: Daytime power increased to 1000 watts non-directional, nighttime service begins with 500 watts directional. 3 tower array built on Bluegrass Rd. just south of Mt. Pleasant to support nighttime operations.
  • 8/8/1949: Station is on-air owned by Paul A. Brandt, operating daytime only with 500 watts.




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