WDEO AM 990 Ypsilanti

Slogan/Positioner: Ave Maria Radio

Format: Religious; Catholic based talk/sermons

Contact this station through their web site, linked below:WDEO AM 990

Web site: www.avemariaradio.net

Technical Information:

HD Radio Status: no

Class: B
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 9,200 watts / 4 / directional
Nighttime Power / # of Towers: 250 watts / 3 / directional

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Call Sign History:

  • WDEO: 10/18/1999
  • WWCM: 12/1/1986
  • WYFC: 1974
  • WYNZ: sign on, 1962

Call Sign Origin:

On Air Date: November 16, 1962

Owner: AM Media Services

Office Telephone: (734) 930-5200


  • 11/1999: Due to programming changes away from music, AM stereo is dropped
  • 10/1999: Call change to WDEO, which was the call sign on AM 1290 Saline when that station had the Catholic format
  • 9/1999: Format change to Catholic-based talk from Christian Music). Simulcasting WCAR 1090 AM Livonia- format moved from AM 1290 Saline.
  • 9/1999: FCC grants voluntary transfer of control from Louis H. Velker and Daniel D. Poole to 990 Investors
  • 6/1999: Tom Monaghan (former owner of Domino's Pizza) will purchase station, change programming to Catholic
  • 12/21/1986: Frequency change to AM 990, calls to WWCM, format to Contemporary Christian
  • 3/24/1974: Call sign to WYFC, format to Religious
  • 196x: Format is Top 40
  • 11/16/1962: On air as WYNZ on 1520 kHz as a 250 watt daytime only station. Format is Country.

Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Washtenaw County, near Geddes and N. Prospect Rds (Ypsilanti)

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