Former WJKQ FM 88.5 Jackson

Last Known Format: Varied; aired oldies/adult standards, and religious programming at times

Off air date: unclear, license canceled June 2012

On air date: Late 2003

Last Known Technical Information:

Class: A
Power / Height: 100 watts / 112 feet
Directional pattern: no

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Call Sign History:

  • DWJKQ: 6/13/2012
  • WJKQ: assigned 5/8/2003

Call Sign Origin:

  • Jackson; The Q

Last Known Owner: Great Lakes Community Broadcasting / Great Lakes Broadcast Academy


  • 6/13/2012: The FCC issues an order to Great Lakes Community Broadcasting that it must cease operations of all its stations immediately and that all of the licenses associated with Great Lakes Community Broadcasting, including WAQQ, were cancelled effective immediately due to false claims regarding the series of stations and repeaters/translators that had been previously granted permission to broadcast by the FCC.
  • 2/2012: Jackson Lansing Catholic radio agrees to purchase WJKQ from Great Lakes Community Broadcasting for $14,000 pending FCC approval and closing.
  • 6/2008: Announced that Great Lakes Commmunity Broadcasting is donating WAAQ FM 88.3 Onsted, WJKQ FM 88.5 Jackson, WJCQ FM 89.7 Jackson, WQLO FM 89.7 Lake Odessa, and W209BR 89.7 Columbia Township to Society for Accurate Information and Distribution Foundation for no financial consideration pending FCC approvals and closing. Application is dismissed by the FCC in June, 2009.
  • 2/2004: License granted.
  • 12/2003: Reported that the station is on-air simulcasting WAAQ-FM 88.3 Onsted. Primary format is Oldies with Religious and other programming in various timeslots.
  • 4/28/2003: Construction permit granted for FM 88.5 Jackson




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