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In this day of radio stations selling out to bigger corporations and losing their local flare, it is pretty hard to find a truly local radio station anymore. Sure, you may have a radio station that broadcasts from your hometown, but they might not be very local. They may be completely satellite fed. And if they are techically FROM your town, they may aim all of their programming to the bigger city 25 miles away from you.

Fortunately, there is still one radio station that has kept it's local flavor. This radio station is WCSR at 92.1 in Hillsdale. For the record, they also have an AM simulcast at 1340. WCSR is very heavy on local news. They even branch out and report the news for nearby towns like Osseo, Hudson and Litchfield. Communities that would otherwise have little or no means for local news. Their local news also includes local commentary. In addition, they feature a 'Pet Rescue' segment where they announce lost or found cats and dogs. Truly a staple unique only to local radio stations.

Between the heavy local news sets on WCSR, their primary format is Adult Contemporary. But they don't just play the same songs you would expect to hear on any Adult Contemporary station. They play songs that truly do not get any airplay on other radio stations. Not because these songs aren't any good, but because other radio stations simply do not touch these songs. Sunday mornings are unique because they play the best in Big Band and Standards. They do go to the satellite on nights and weekends with the JRN AC feed, but this the only time they are not live.

Perhaps the only bad thing about WCSR is their limited signal. They broadcast on a very crowded frequency. So even with 6000 watts, their signal does not make it out very far. During favorable weather conditions, they can be wiped out even in Coldwater and as close to Hillsdale as Litchfield and Somerset. The AM signal only serves Hillsdale and Jonesville before succumbing to the perils of broadcasting on a 'graveyard' frequency. But if you are within listening range of WCSR, it is definitely worth a listen!







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