MS Communications' many Michigan LPTVs

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As I move along attempting to update the dial pages on this site, my focus has been on getting the all the TV pages done first, then the AMs, and then finally the FMs. FM will take the longest to update due to the number of new FM translators that have been granted in the past year or so (along with all the changes that have happened since last summer).

Anyhow-- as I was updating the page for MS Communications, which holds 52 LPTV licenses in places like Petoskey, Traverse City, Houghton Lake, and Sault Ste Marie, I stumbled on a great article written by the Center for Public Integrity titled "Two-hundred Channels and Nothing on – Literally".

Many of these existing stations have applications filed with the FCC to move them out of Michigan into Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Interesting too is that none of these stations have ever broadcast anything more than a test pattern -- if that.



The applications are for moves in larger markets in and around Michigan, though the COLs are poor choices. For example, one of them is for Pontiac, yet the signal doesn't even touch the city limits!






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