Tigers have no broadcast TV outlet this year

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That's right -- as of right now, the Detroit Tigers have no deal to broadcast any of their games over "regular" TV. Fox Sports Net, available via cable and satellite, will carry 110 games this year, but no deal could be worked out between the Tigers and Channel 50 to put a 30 or 40 game schedule on UPN 50.

I can totally understand where Ch. 50 is coming from - paying big bucks to broadcast baseball doesn't seem to be a slam dunk in the face of declining ratings and a team that has been anything but stellar. The Tigers, thinking that the team will be better and more interesting this year, are probably asking for too much money for the local TV package -- forcing the 20-30% of people without cable or satellite to do without Tigers games this year.

It'd be nice for the Tigers to do what something like the Pistons have done with Channel 20-- work out a deal where the team essentially pays for the air time and produces it's own broadcasts, then takes whatever revenue they earn for itself. Working out a deal with a station like Channel 38 would seem to be a win-win situation. Add Channel 31 from Ann Arbor in the deal, and you'd have decent enough over-the-air coverage at a low price. If I ran Channel 38, I'd be pretty aggressive in attempting to get the Tigers - and then the other sports teams too when they become available. Turning 38 into a sports powerhouse would finally give that station some legs.

It's a sad day for Channel 50 as they now have lost all their regular season sports play-by-play deals. The Red Wings (when they return) are owned 100% by Fox Sports Net, the Pistons are now on Ch. 20, and now the Tigers are gone too. You have to wonder if the Lions preseaon games are worth it for 50 now that they've lost everything else.



It's sad to see what the former Detroit sports leader has been reduced to. I guess those "quality" UPN shows are just too important.

It's too bad seeing WKBD without sports programming. I have always enjoyed watching past games on Channel 50, whether it was the Red Wings, Tigers, or Pistons.

Tigers should go to WJBK Fox 2 with them being former home to the "sad Red-wings" they are the sister station to Fsn DETROIT .Hdtv broadcasts all the major league Baseball cities now .Think time the Tigers should get on it localy .With WB20 Detroit not in yet as well the "loser" station UPN 50 neither is Pax 31 .Fox 2 Detroit deserves the Tigers .We all of us serious fans have them in High-Defition on Fox 2 or WDIV LOCAL4

HI-Def is a STUPID idea. And that bullsh*t about how SERIOUS fans have HI-Def is just plain ignorant. A LOT of people can't afford the Hi-Def payments and it would benefit more of just putting them on regular free cable broadcasts.

There two diffenent bands those with Basic cable see it on the analog Fox 2 .those with Dish or Cable hd can see it on WJBK HD.Especailly those with attena can see the game on the Regular WJBK Fox 2 now get the idea .should be brought about

Maybe a dumb question.. But couldn't UPN 50 possibly pick up on the Detroit Shock?

First Candidate WDWB 20 made an offer but no deal found in my e-mail on the fan forum this moring .So Fox 2 loooks to be in the running quietly .No word on WDIV LOCAL 4 or WXYZ CHANNEL 7 If not your WXVU Pax 31 last resort to put an e-mail or phone-call to .I also put one in to Tigers public relations regarding Fox on picking-up the games but the contract for 47 games local 1 national fox saturday baseball 3 Espn games which could incude sunday nite baseball .These 52 are in which see to be filled by April 3

All seems to say what we are looming at WJBK FOX 2
looks to be the highest bidder Not heard about Wdiv Local 4,WXYZ 7,WXVU PAX 31 apparently no interest.Now Big sports stations in detroit now WDWB 20(PISTONS)partner on Local 4 did 6 games WB 20 has the rest .FOX 2 has the Wings looking towards the Tigers now as well to their local sports line-up on "free-air broadcasts now surprising since both have the big money .

State repersetive John Dingell is stepping up for us the fans on about getting the Tigers back the air he'd fired a letter to parent company of Upn-detroit Viacom inc.may be to where we could see WJBK FOX 2 could be getting a call from the respersentive in help wishing in making the commitment where Upn-DETROIT FAILED!! the people of detroit and across the state .embrassed us around in a different way .We paid the park and all we like a return on the investment and especailly when the team is getting hot now






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