WOMC Detroit getting "Jack"ed up?

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Detroit Oldies outlet WOMC-FM 104.3 has been running teasers all week, telling listeners that if they don't tune in at 8:00am on Friday, they "won't know Jack". Is there any chance that WOMC will be flipping from Oldies to the latest rage, the format most often called "Jack"?


The new format, it is being tried in several major markets already this year, features a catch-all type of Adult Hits format, heavily relying on tunes often heard on Classic Rock and Hot AC stations. Although the Oldies format has seen quite a few defections in recent months, WOMC hasn't been suffering from poor ratings and is about as likely to change its fulltime format as it is that pigs will fly.

Betcha the big announcement on WOMC is an 'anything goes' type of weekend special. They'll open up the playlist this weekend as a trial balloon to see if Detroiters are interesting in hearing a radio station that "sounds like your iPod on shuffle". If it goes over well, the musical programming variety might well expand on WOMC -- but only in small doses.

What would be really interesting is if someone else in town beat WOMC to the punch before Friday....



That is a possibility. But before you jump the gun about WOMC, take a very good look at Friday's date...

We might point out that WOMC did something like this before. In the late 1980s, they played ALL OLDIES, not just an AC/OLDIES MIX on APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Later, the station did go to all oldies. Also, the station experimented recently with TEN YEARS IN TEN HOURS, which featured a lot of different songs than they customarily have not played, however good a choice that might have been. Remember, FRIDAY is APRIL FOOL's DAY. However, I wouldn't exepct a format change in the near future this time. Though I'm quite disappointed in some of the early 1960s stuff they've apparently dropped. And why is Beatles stuff immune from dropping?






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