Ch-ch-changes coming to Kalamazoo radio?

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While searching the FCC website last night, I stumbled across a pretty interesting application made by Forum Communications to potentially move WZUU 92.3 up a spot on the dial to 92.5 and change their COL from Allegan to Mattawan. They will also get a new tower in extreme southwestern Kalamazoo County, which will certainly improve their signal into Kalamazoo and especially Portage. In turn, sister station WQXC 100.9 will change their COL from Otsego to Allegan.

The possible move to 92.5 is one of those things that after I read it, I thought "Why didn't I think of this?" In Western Michigan, the 92.5 frequency is the definitive of a wide-open dial space. Currently, 92.5 is occupied by a translator in Battle Creek. This translator will likely have to move when and if 92.5 signs on. There are also a few translator construction permits for that frequency, including one in Bronson nearby my home base which was briefly heard testing back in October of 2004. The closest full-power station at 92.5 is almost 100 miles away from Mattawan.

Now the question is, what will happen to Power Praise's 92.5 translator in Battle Creek? They will probably have to move to a new frequency. Here are a few possible solutions.

93.3-- Fort Wayne's WBTU recently made a rare move to actually DECREASE their wattage. Furthermore, they moved their tower closer to Fort Wayne, having been just south of Kendallville. These moves have made 93.3 wide open in Battle Creek. Nearby LPFM 93.1 WMLY is licensed to Marshall, but their tower is about 15 miles away.

97.1-- Their was a construction permit for a new LPFM in Battle Creek on this frequency. However, the CP was cancelled, leaving this station once again wide open. Ironically, Power Praise has a CP for a translator on 97.1 in my home town of Coldwater. The two signals would likely interfere out in the middle of a cornfield and somewhere far away from a very populated area.



Cool, great find! It would be great if "The Zoo" had better reception in Kalamazoo, especially in Portage (where I'm located). When I’m not listening to my XM Radio, I usually turn the dial to 92.3 FM, but only when I can get a decent signal. Hopefully this potential move will fix my reception problems.

Also, this is the tightest shoe-horning of a signal i've ever seen.

They are within one mile of crossing into 92.7 WYVN's protected contour. Also, an engineer on the Michigan Buzzboard said that they are just .3 kilometers from crossing into the second adjacent WDOW-92.1 protected contour.

By the way, 3/10ths of a kilometer is roughly 1000 feet. They REALLY did their homework on this one!






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