Former Detroit Talk Show host Mark Scott dead at 69

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Mark Scott, once one of Detroit's most controversial and opinionated talk radio hosts, died April 24th of an apparent heart attack at the age of 69. Mark came to Detroit nearly 20 years ago from Dayton, OH and was a top-rated talk host on WXYT-AM (1270) during its days as a talk station. His show heavily focused on the Larry Nevers / Walter Budson police beating of Malice Green back in 1993—a topic that never seemed to grow old with Scott.

A former Marine, he often broadcast his show while wearing military fatigues and talked about a possible government conspiracy to take away the right to bear arms. His trademark exclaimation "Excelsior!" struck a cord with listeners, many of whom would use word as both a greeting and sign of solidarity with Scott's political positions. In a sad ironic twist, the man who ran the control board for Scott’s WXYT show was Dan Koti. Known most recently as Rod Holden, traffic reporter heard on WWJ-AM (950), Koti died just a week before Scott at age 42. After WXYT, Scott hosted his program via the Internet and also did some work for the Michigan Talk Radio Network.

The funeral will be held at 7:00pm Friday, April 29 at the Griffin Funeral Home, 42600 Ford Road in Canton Township.



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