Detroit media outlets are reporting tonight that former WYCD-FM 99.5 midday host Erin Weber has been awarded $10 million in her civil suit against the station. Weber developed an allergy to strong perfumes after an exposure to nail polish remover in a WYCD studio and was eventually fired from the station after it appears the accommodations needed to deal with the allergy caused strained relations between Weber and station management in place at the time. The suit had asked for "only" $6 million - apparently the jury that heard the case believed that either enough harm was caused to Weber that the award asked for wasn't sufficient enough to cover the damages or that they wanted to punish the station severely for its actions.

Of course WYCD and parent Infinity Broadcasting will appeal the decision -- but this certainly has to send a message to more than just the bosses at WYCD...

The hard part for the people currently at WYCD will be overcoming the actions that were taken by people that are no longer working there-- the person that fired Weber has since moved on as has the former general manager. It'll be interesting to see how long the legal eagles from Infinity can drag this process out before having to pay up- if they ever do.

Update 5/24:
* DJ takes in sweet smell of victory- Detroit Free Press
* Radio DJ wins $10.6 million in stink over perfume- Detroit News







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