Michigan's newest radio station: Home dot FM

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There is a new radio station in Jackson today. Spring Arbor University has made the long-awaited changes to 106.9 WSAE, the station formerly known as Power Praise FM, they are now calling known as 'Home dot FM'.

Home dot FM promises to bring family friendly music to the airwaves in South Central Michigan. The station still has a christian lean however, playing about one or two religious songs in the time that I listened today. Most of the playlist would probably best be described as positive and encouraging types of music. Artists I heard on the station this afternoon included John Mayer, Earth Wind & Fire, and Sting. The station seems to be running jockless right now. Liners on the station are pitching more programs coming on June 1st. Some people may argue that this is the same format as K-105.3, but in my opinion, 105.3 has more of a Hot AC approach.

Power Praise FM is not dead though. Many people speculated a Christian CHR/Rock format on 89.3 FM. However, a listen on the radio this morning showed the station now sitting in the non-commercial band. Also, the large network of translators owned by Spring Arbor University that used to repeat the former Power Praise FM on 106.9 are now repeating the new Home dot FM. Power Praise is now only listenable for those within listening range of 89.3. But I think the translator switch is a good idea. Most of the Power Praise translators were located in towns that although did not receive 106.9 with a good signal, listeners could hear the same kind of music elsewhere on the dial. Bringing a fresh format to these cities will put better use to these translators.

Home dot FM may not be done expanding either. There are still more translator construction permits for Spring Arbor University. New stations at 98.3 in Chelsea, 107.7 in Deerfield, and 97.1 in my hometown of Coldwater are still on the dock.



Thanks for the great encouragement. You are very in tune with what we are doing, and we're glad hte word about our unique format is getting out there. Thanks for the exposure. We're ecited about everything we've taken on here.

rachel ryder, assistant program director & music director of spring arbor university radio






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