Bobble-head Purtan!




Sometimes working on this web site is just that-- work. Every now and again, I need a reminder that it's supposed to be fun. Well... this bobblehead sure is fun. Anyone that donated $240 or more to the Salvation Army's Radiothon for the Bed and Bread Club lead by Dick Purtan of WOMC-FM Detroit this past February should either have one or will get it soon.

I have to say - although it took a bit longer than I expected, I'm very pleasantly surprised at the thing. It's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be and seems to be of decent quality. Maybe the delay was planned -- to put the idea of next year's Radiothon into everyone's head.

If you're a fan of the Oldies format of WOMC - you can help send a message to the bosses and advertisers there by continuing to show your support for Purtan's Radiothon. It's an incredible event and requires a lot of effort to pull off. Although Dick is rather humble about his contribution - in my opinion not enough good things can be said about this effort and all the money it has raised. The best part is knowing that all that money stays right here in metro Detroit.

Wonder how much this thing would be worth on e-bay?? Just kidding.... I'm keeping this one for myself!







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