Will Radioactive operate a cluster in central UP?




Late last year during the FCC's FM Auction 37 Radioactive LLC, led by former Clear Channel boss Randy Michaels, was the high bidder on 5 of the 7 FM allotments that were up for grabs. 4 of Radioactive's winning bids have now been issued construction permits, all of them located in the west-central Upper Peninsula (the 5th bid is located in the northern lower peninsula).

The construction permit with the largest potential impact on the UP is the one for 100.3 Gwinn, located in the Marquette market. With 100,000 watts at 892 feet, the station will easily cover Marquette and much of the central UP if built to the specs on the construction permit. It's possible that the other 3 construction permits might be used to extend the coverage of 100.3 even further across the UP and in to northern Wisconsin.

One has to wonder though if Radioactive will actually build and operate these stations or if they will be sold off to another operator already in the area that might be looking to expand its portfolio. Already securing the winning bids for these stations has cost Radioactive $1,174,000 in payments to the FCC plus whatever engineering costs that have been incurred for preparing the applications. Getting a decent return on this investment might be a tall order- especially in a short time frame.

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of this newly created 4 station "cluster" - if they get to the air as one group or if they are sold off one by one. You have to believe that 100.3 Marquette has the most potential and will likely get the most attention from either potential buyers and/or getting built and on the air.







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