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Greater Media, Inc. has announced that its three Detroit radio stations are officially broadcasting in High Definition (HD) digital radio and have now launched companion independent multicasting channels for Rock WRIF-FM 101.1, Classic Rock WCSX-FM 94.7, and Soft Rock WMGC-FM 105.1.

HD radio is a digital signal that provides CD quality sound and has the ability to display more text information than a traditional radio. Listeners will able to hear a clear improvement in sound quality and see the station's call letters, the title and artist of the song playing, along with traffic and weather information.

Greater Media Detroit’s stations have now doubled each of their programming offerings to listeners throughout Southeastern Michigan with an HD radio by providing multicast channels called WRIF2, WCSX Deep Trax and More Magic.

Riff 2 is a ”made in Detroit" mix of alternative and indie rock, hip hop, punk and the best from today’s Detroit music scene. By embracing local and unsigned bands RIFF2 breaks the rules of traditional radio and offers a true alternative music choice. WRIF2 is a new execution of the WRIF tradition that the next generation of Detroit music lovers can grow up with and will look to for “their” music. RIFF2 will target 18-24 year olds involved with the local music scene. While it is rock-based, the station’s music mix is deliberately eclectic and highlights both new material and local artists with a focus on music from 1995 to today. RIFF2 is on the air on 101.1 HD2 and is available right now online at www.riff2.com.

WCSX Deep Trax HD2 is the perfect companion station to WCSX. Responding to our listener feedback of features such as "Classic Rock A-to-Z", Deep Trax HD2 features JJ & Lynne in the Morning, followed by Deep Trax the rest of the day, hosted by the station’s on-air personalities Ken Calvert, Karen Savelly, and Steve Kostan. It provides 24/7 access to those Classic Rock treasures that may be a bit outside the radio musical norm. Similar to RIFF2, the multicasting channel does not contain commercials, but rather on-air sponsorships. Deep Trax is on the air at 94.7FM HD2 and is available now online at www.wcsxdeeptrax.com.

The More Magic multicast addition to WMGC/Magic 105.1 features Jim Harper & the Magic Morning Show, followed by “Office Magic” from 10am -7pm. “More Magic” is a soft adult contemporary format, consisting of a mix of 70’s and 80’s icons and standards from artists like Harry Connick, Jr. and Diana Krall. It also adds a touch of Broadway, such as hits from the Phantom of the Opera, and jazz favorites from George Benson and Kenny G. From 7pm – 6am and on the weekends, “Classically Magic” will consist of music intensive, familiar classical favorites easy for listeners to enjoy. More Magic will not include any type of spot load, but rather on-air sponsorships. More Magic HD2 is on the air right now at 105.1FM HD2 and available online at www.moremagicradio.com.

“We're very excited to break this new ground and bring three brand new locally programmed and originated radio stations to Detroit,” said Tom Bender, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Greater Media Detroit. “HD Radio technology makes it possible for us to create innovative programming that doesn't need to follow the traditional radio playbook.”

Bender added, “We're also going to keep commercial interruptions to a brief sponsorship announcement each hour and we will be cooperating with local retailers to let our listeners know where they can hear and buy HD Radios. The radios that enable listeners to take advantage of these new stations are becoming available at a variety of locations and prices.”

“These are exciting times in the radio industry. We are very proud to be able to make history in the Motor City with the official launch of HD Radio and multicasting with our Detroit-based properties,” said Peter Smyth, President and CEO of Greater Media, Inc.







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