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Tim Barron has exited Citadel's Lansing Classic Rock outlet WMMQ-FM (94.9), after eight years as the station's morning co-host. Barron, along with co-host Debra Hart, joined WMMQ (then WVIC a.k.a. Buzz 95) in January 1997, following a successful morning run at crosstown Rocker WJXQ (Q106). Hart and morning show producer Keith Pelligrini remain with WMMQ, and are joined by a new co-host known as "The Beagle", formerly of the late WWDX (92.1 The Edge).

Barron's departure marks the latest in a number of personnel and programming changes which have taken place at Citadel's Lansing cluster since top management changed late last fall.



The morning radio scene will never be the same for me without Tim. I know I am not alone in this thought as Tim and Deb have hundreds of thousands of listeners and I think whoever made the decision to let him go will be sorry. I wish Deb the best however and plan to continue to enjoy her morning show.

Tim is gone and now so am I!
This is the same reason I no longer listen the Spartan Hockey on the radio. I miss the Ken Landau games!

May Citadel know that I will no longer listen to WMMQ, as I was not a fan of the classic rock music, but of the duo comedy of Tim & Deb. Sorry, but for me listening it is not same with out Tim. May his humor find it's way to radio again soon!

I have long maintained that the vast majority of Lansing radio sucks, particularly the inane, puerile, asinine morning shows. The Tim & Deb Show was the exception, and I've been a faithful listener since they moved to WMMQ. I was shocked and dismayed to return from vacation last week to hear Deb saying, "You're listening to the WMMQ morning show..." Congratulations, Citadel, you've lost another listener! I'm really looking forward to seeing your numbers come the next Arbitron ratings period. I'm sure your advertisers are going to be thrilled! As for me, I will spare myself the agony of local radio (no offense to Deb, Keith, and the new guy, but sometimes you have to take a stand) and be more thankful than ever that my new car has XM!

There certainly is a lot of comment on this story. Although nobody knows for certain, there is a good deal of speculation (a.k.a. rumor) that Mr. Barron's departure may possibly have been the signal of an impending format change for WMMQ. With all of the buzz about the emerging "Jack" format these days, this may not be out of the realm of possibility. For now, at least, the station appears to be sticking with the Classic Rock format.

My congratulations too to Citadel on losing 3
listeners in my household. Tim Barron was cutting edge & although I like Deb, she can't carry a
show alone. Citadel should scramble to do whatever they can to get Tim Barron back!

the absolute stupidestbusiness move in radio i've everseen i've been a listener for years progressing from q106 to 94.9 but this is the last straw "wmmq" see ya!

Citadel has done it again. I currently am a broadcasting and journalism student at Michigan Tech. I had two favorite morning shows that Citadel has ended. First of all, during the weekend I would come down from up-north to my parent's house in Fowlerville, JUST TO LISTEN TO MARK BAYSHORE AND JO ANNE PAUL! They were my favorites, funny Citadel ruined that one for many people. And now after that fact...Citadel gets rid of Tim Barron? TIM BARRON? Before Mark and Jo Anne I was listening to Tim Barron as a kid. I am very upset to see him go. Good luck with your next job.


As someone else said, I too am not a particular fan of classic rock but I did listen to Tim and Deb because I enjoyed their banter. Tim always sounded like a fellow Lansingite dishing the dirt rather than a polished, impersonal, manufactured radio personality. I can imagine that his firing is pretty devastating to the morale of Deb Hart and the others left at WMMQ. I hope once Tim gets back on the air he will bring Deb Hart back to his show.

Years ago I realized that Tim was too wise (intelligent) for Rock Radio. I told him so & repeated it in a e-mail a couple years ago.

Tim has talked several times about the changes to radio the last few years. (PAYOLA STILL LIVES ON BUT HAS A DIFFERENT NAME - fees paid to radio stations to play artists songs & THE FEW MEN THAT OWN/CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN/CAN'T HEAR - monoplizing conglomerates strike again.) I have come to realize that, "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE",.,.,.,unless you pay for your choices buying an XM or SIRIUS RADIO.

Tim is missed by the MMQ faithful who enjoyed his wit, but even more the clear-eyed thinking men/women of mid-Michigan do & will desperately miss his wisdom shared with the early morning Classic Rock listeners.




p.s. I've seen with my own eyes, the radio of the future. A "real radio station" broadcasting from a closet. Someone simply goes to the closet a few times a day to remove the tape that is finishing & to start the replacement tape. BE AFRAID,.,.,.,BE VERY AFRAID.

Dan Drolett mentioned a possible MMQ format change. Has anybody tuned into MMQ in the past 24 hours? I've scanned past it & there hasn't been a lot of "classic" in their rock. Now they are taken completely off my radio!
Hurry back Tim! Please stay in the Lansing/Detroit area! My husband won't even turn on the radio in the morning now. He said "I certainly miss the radio (Tim) in the mornings".
It's like missing a family member after 12-13 years.

Tim Barron was the reason I listened to WMMQ in the morning and Classic rock was the reason I listened to WMMQ... with Citadel's choice to remove Tim from the air I have chosen to quit listening to WMMQ and hope that all of the advertiser pull out of that sinking ship as well.

I missed an important opportunity to thank Tim & Deb for the many years I have enjoyed listening. My wife and I could discuss a show topic over dinner as though talking about friends and family. "Did you hear Tim say...." I hope that Tim lands on his feet in Radio where I can hear him. But I know he will do well and be happy because he is a wise individual.
On behalf of my wife and I, Thanks Tim and Deb, you too Keith.

I agree with the post from "Julia" that is like missing a family member after so many years. I have listened to Tim and Deb from day 1, when they started on Q-106. I love Deb, but it's just not the same without Tim and I no longer listed to MMQ. There is NO comparison in the Lansing market; I can not stomach the other cheeze-ball morning shows for more than 5 minutes. There are tens of thousands of bright,thinking individuals in the MMQ listening area that deserve an intelligent and entertaining morning show such as Tim and Deb provided. I can't listen to the manufactured, scripted,insult-to-my-intelligence others. So I am now getting my money's worth from my CD's on my way to work. We miss you Tim !! I think my husband is getting sick of me complaining about my sad, lonely mornings. I sincerely hope that, as soon as possible, Tim and Deb will be back together whether it be on MMQ or another station whose management could make a brilliant decision to hire them as a team and see the ratings go through the roof. Bad move, Citadel. Good Luck to Tim, wherever life takes you, and thanks for so many great years of morning radio.

A format change for WMMQ would certainly be noticeable. The "Jack" format which many are speculating upon is a mix of 70's, 80's and 90's pop hits. So far, I haven't heard Rick James' "Super Freak" or Leo Sayer's "Long Tall Glasses" on 94.9, so it would stand to reason that any perceived changes are just a tweeking of the present format.

I echo most views already posted. I too am not a classic rock fan, but I've listened to Tim and Deb for over 10 years. Their show was the only intelligent, thoughtful morning show in the mid-Michigan area. I'm very disappointed that they have been split up and though I like Deb, I also don't think she can carry the show alone. Tim and Deb complement each other and Citadel has made a bad move by separating them.

I absolutely cannot BELIEVE that the "powers that be" let Tim Barron, Beacon of Truth, get away. What an asinine move. Sorry, Deb and Keith, but MMQ has lost another family of listeners. Dave BEAGLE? Come on ...

I agree with most of the previous posts. Tim Barron has been a spokesman and advocate for Lansing for many years and it's a shame that the corporate powers that be fail to realize that Tim's fans are not just fans of his radio personality, but will remain loyal to Tim because Tim has been so loyal to Lansing for so many years. While I really enjoy Deb Hart and some of the other MMQ personalities, I will no longer listen to the station out of protest. What a loss for our city. I too hope that another radio station picks Tim up and recruits Deb.

The Tim & Deb show WAS the only radio broadcast I listened to in the radio wasteland known as Greater Lansing, Michigan. Still love Deb and Keith is cool, however the show will never be the same without TIM BARRON and has now become background noise for me in the mornings. Way to go Citadel - plan on red ink for the bottom line in your Lansing market without Tim Barron!

If Tim gets to stay in Lansing, I'll be listening for him. First Mark and now Tim. Who's next, Deb? So long WMMQ. You DON'T rock.

Well now I know what happened to Tim Barron and the "Tim and Deb" radio show that so faithfully informed and entertained me through my morning 45 minute commute for over (10) years. Earlier this year, when I retired and no longer had to make this commute, I found that I missed the Tim and Deb show so much that I started getting up early and organizing my day so that I could be near a radio to listen in - and now I could do it for the full (4) hours!!! Well that won't happen anymore! Tim and his informed commentary is irreplaceable and the Tim, Deb and Keith team is "one of a kind."

I agree with most,if not all, of the comments above - STUPID MOVE CITADEL - you have lost two additional faithful daily listeners in this household also. All you advertisers whom Tim so faithfully supported (this means you Connixions, Capitol Area Humane Society, River Queen, City Pulse, Brown Bag lunch, free food Friday participants.....) better vote with your wallet because we faithful listeners certainly will. You will no longer be reaching me through WMMQ.

I can not beleive that some moran would make the decision to let Tim go. He has been a back bone to the lansing radio stations for over twenty years. I have laughed with Tim and Deb abd Cryed and I will tell you this as soon as I heard about this bonehead move I took 94.9 out of my preset radio's. Hope the new management can keep their jobs with no one listening. And who is the Dave Beagle the owners son, Becasue he might be a good DJ some wherew but not good enough to replace the legend Tim Barron.

I'm sure that I sound like a broken record of the other postings, but OMG!!!!! What were you people thinking? Oh, you WEREN'T thinking. That explains it. I have read: "intelligent," "Beacon of Truth," "wise individual," on and on and on. I noticed there are no, "I'm glad Tim Barron is gone," postings. Could it be that there are none? will be very sorry that you let "Uncle Tim" get away. NO MORE MMQ FOR ME......sorry Deb, you are the greatest, but like the one listener said, you gotta take a stand on some things, and this is one of them. I hope that Tim is back on the air here in the area soon, hopefully with you at his side. (We could use some intelligent, wise individuals on the radio down here in Battle Creek.....)

In the vein of Dallas....please tell me this is all a dream and that by the next ratings period, Timba will be back with Deb AND Keith. As far as the music format...who cares! It was all about the morning program. Nobody can re-hash pop culture like Tim, Deb and Keith.

I know all good things must come to an end but Tim, Deb and Keith were a fantastic combination. I WANT MY TIMBO!!!

Good riddance Tim...Use your real name and see what kinda job you get...Wont miss you one bit

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I have been a faithful listener to the Tim and Deb Morning Show for 12+ years, starting at the Q and then at MMQ. I live 80 miles southwest of Lansing and while their program came in just fine on the Q, it comes in poorly on MMQ--but I listened through a lot of static just to catch snips of their conversations which improves as my drive to work shortens the distance. Immagine my shock, and horror, upon my return from vacation to hear the "MMQ morning show" and no TIM! This was a poor decision by MMQ. I am in withdrawl...

I've been listening to Tim and Deb since their years at Q106. And while I've always enjoyed him, in recent years his ego seems to have grown disproportionately large. It's a shame he couldn't let a fabulous personality like Deb Hart be more than just a sidekick. While I miss him a little for nostaglia's sake, the new Deb Hart-led morning show feels fresh and lively, a welcome change.

Now what have they done to Deb?????

After eight years of morning commutes, Tim and Deb are like brother and sister to me, or better yet, like coffee buddies at work I look forward to spending time with every day.

When my wife and I were part of the Nielson Ratings, I threatened to leave her on the side of the highway when she wanted me to turn off Tim and Deb.

Hey Citadel, how much money will you spend to foster that amount of loyalty?

Sounds like someone should lose their job...and it's the fool that thought this would be a good move. Bring back Tim and give the listeners what they want.

Since moving from the Phoenix area five years ago I found the Lansing/Jackson radio programming to be solidly 'bush-league' with the single exception of Tim Barron and Deb Hart's morning show. Semi-thoughtful commentary and morning drive R&R were palettable and sometimes got me calling & donating to Tim's charities & causes.

Sadly it looks like the pinheads at Citadel have returned to bush-league performance.

An Open Letter to Citadel:
I just got back from a month long vacation at Cape Hatteras so I was in shock when I realized that Tim Barron is no longer on WMMQ.
For the past two years I postponed installing a Satellite Radio and/or using my IPod car stereo adapter because I had Tim Barron to listen to on my commute and that's when I listen to the radio. Guess what Citadel? Mainstream radio is a thing of the past for this FAITHFUL LISTENER. Tim Barron provided intelligence and humor in the vast wasteland of morning radio air-play that is dominated by chirpy shallow DJ's who all have the same generic water-cooler ha ha ha's which is precicely the thing I dread on my way to work because that's what I'll be hearing all day long when I DO get to work! And that's why I take a month long vacation every year!
Citadel, you just lost a FAITHFUL listener! I would rate Tim Barron up there with the radio greats including Jean Shepard. I won't bother re-programming my radio tuner, I won't be listening to ANYMORE radio stations as long as I live; WMMQ was my last hold out and it wasn't the music, it was TIM! Citadel, you just cut off your nose to spite your face. You are currently living in the past. ADIOS! My first stop on the way home is Circuit City to go satellite!

I listened to The Breakfast Club on my way to high school in the early 90's, it was shocking enough that q106 replaced them with Bob And Tom, which are already on three other stations in the area. I strolled by mmq this morning to catch some of their show, and was shocked at how much Citidel had cheapened the show. Deb is great, but the chemistry is not there.

I can't believe what I just heard! Rich Michaels is replacing Tim Barron????
Way to go Citadel! Now I can't even listen to 97.5 at work! This is the ULTIMATE insult!!!

The end of an era, and a complete and utter insult to add to injury for Deb-she now has to abide Rich Michaels, Tim and Deb's long time rival?
I will miss the banter, the commmentary, the community support and involvement that Tim and Deb brought to Lansing, no matter which station, as long as they were together.
Good luck, and I, too, will no longer be a listener to MMQ to see how it pans out.

Tim was truly the last DJ. He said what he wanted to say, and played what he wanted to play. Maybe he'll turn up somewhere in Mexico. Looks like I'll have to pay for what I used to get for free now.

Tim made me mad sometimes, he made me laugh often, he made me think always, and that's why I listened to him. His huge ego was matched only by his huge curiosity and interest in all things. He had sharp edges to his sharp mind that made the self-satisfied, self-righteous wince.

Still, I like Deb and Keith and would have continued listening if Rich hadn't been hired. His voice is like chalk on a blackboard. Next to Rich and his ego, Tim actually looks humble. I'm sorry, guys, but I won't be listening in the morning any more. You see, I can find stupidity anywhere, 'specially when Rich is there. It was Tim's intelligence that brought me back to MMQ every day. With him gone, so am I.

Citadel... you can rot in your visions of greater wealth... taking out Tim tells all... dumbasses!

Unbe-freakin-lievable. First Dave Beagle, who was bad enough. But Rich Michaels? This is like a nightmare that keeps getting worse and worse. And where is Keith? It's official, everyone. Lansing radio is a black hole.

Michaels in the morning? What an insult to Deb and Keith. "Dave's not here." I can handle, but Tim's not here is a different thing. The worst part is that Citidel doesn't care. There will be rough spots to ride out, but in time, what are we going to do? Some will listen to this drivel saying things like, "It's OK. But it ain't like the old days. Ahh." We need music in our car and they know that. They know that their numbers will take a dip for awhile. That's OK. They have other stations to pick up the slack. Business will return to normal, eventually. Stores and shops will still play their station. Commuters will still listen to the radio. New people will move in and pick up the place for the few that leave. A new generation of listeners will eventually trickle in. And their ratings will rebound. The sad part is until then, we have no Tim, Deb, and inane Keith.

I've lived in Michigan most of my life, California for a year, and now Wisconsin. Never, have I found radio shows as entertaining as what Lansing, MI has had over the last 10 to 15 years. Tim and Deb were at the top of the list. Rich Michaels and Monica Harris are close by.

It sounds to me like Citadel is doing a great job breaking up the duos that make morning radio in Lansing a step above the rest.

Citadel - looks like I'll be listening to CDs when I visit my family in Michigan.

This posting is to apologize to Deb Hart...I'm sorry I won't be listening to you in the mornings any longer. I just can't stand to listen to Rich Michaels arrogance and will truly miss Tim Barron/Deb Hart in the morning. See Ya MMQ, it was great while it lasted.

What an absolute nightmare! Rich Michaels on wmmq?! I miss my Tim Deb & Keith! Kudos to Citadel for RUINING Lansing radio.

I never realized how many cattle lived in Tim's world till now. So what if his opinionated, egotistical lipservice is off the local airwaves, now he can polute some other areas listening pleasure with his useless dribble.

As far as Rich Michaels goes, major YUK!

Lansing radio lost me ages ago because of these two and I doubt I will return, and my opinion does count since I just completed the Arbitron survey. Guess what radio stations I didn't write down.

There is a reason Tim is gone... it's called ratings. Tim was too stuck on himself and wierd issues... and the "gay" format is history... the world is twisted enough as it is let alone the crap Tim had. Thank you Lord!

After moving to the wasteland of Lansing four years ago, I found solace by listening to the Tim and Deb morning show. I liked the show so much that I listened to the station almost exclusively. I even played it all day at work. The opportunity to have a free and independent thinker like Tim on a classic radio station was refreshing! I was out of town and returned to discover that Tim was gone! Words cannot even describe how upset I am! Now, with Rich (no offense Rich), the show is intolerable! After Tim and before Rich the show was like listening to a discussion between a couple of frat boys (very disconcerting), now with Rich--BORING! And, this morning's "rock ads" are too offensive to play at work! A sad, but permanent goodbye to WMMQ and all of Lansing radio (which never had much to offer anyway!). Just another confirmation of what I think of the area! Ugh!

I was such a fan of the morning show, but who knows. The Bob and Tom is too sleazy for me to start my day, others just put me to sleep. I liked Tim's frankness and how the team of Tim, Deb and Keith would become bigger than individual parts.

Tim gone. Well so is his ole buddy Jaz. Glad I have XM. No need to listen to this crap anymore.

So much for ratings! Rich Michaels, you've got to be kidding. That moron doesn't have half the talent that Tim Barron has in his little finger. I feel sorry for Deb though, maybe she'll be able to jump ship before it crashes into the muck that Citadel is diving into. HAVE A HAM ON RYE Michaels. YUK, YUK, YUK. Sho nough is sum funny programin. YUK, YUK, YUK. Jus caint git enough. YUK, YUK, YUK. Take a look at your ratings now, Citadel. How does it look from the bottom of the barrel?

Listening to Tim, Deb and Keith in the mornings was so enlighting. Actually looked forward to the Monday morning drive to work. Not only did I listen to Tim, but when I would call in, Tim listened to me. He didn't treat his callers as "callers", but as family. He was very caring and compassionate. He knows how to be funny, and when to be funny. He knows how to be concerned to his listeners as well. He took the time to listen, and offer his advise and assistance. And what do have now to listen to????? Rich Michaels who amuses only himself?? If Citadel can't bring Uncle Tim back, give us Deb as host and Dave Beagle as her co-host. Tim was the best thing on the radio-he cared about all his listeners. Gave some people a hard time, but if you sat back and listened, there was a lesson to be learned from why he gave them the hard time. Good thing for CDS, that's all we listen to now. When they cancel a TV Show, they bring out DVDs - someone bring out a CD with Tim on it. I need my Tim-fix!!!! Maybe those of us who are his loyal listeners, need to unite and insist they bring him back!!! Maybe if Citadel sees that WMMQ needs Uncle Tim for the listeners and advertisers, they will bring him back!

I did not particularly care for T. Barron's politics but I did appreciate his honesty. What is ironic is the pairing that has come about in his "leaving", that is, Deb Hart and Rich Michaels, "WHAT A DICK!" working together. There's some chemistry.

I also feel sorry for Deb that I've bailed as a listener...she's almost like family after so many years of listening.

However, Tim was truly the anit-Michaels...and what Citadel did was an insult to the radio listeners of WMMQ. I'm still hoping heads roll, and those are Citadel heads!

As for me, it's time to turn to LAV in Grand Rapids. Good thing they've got the power to reach us.

And for Citadel, don't the listeners have any voice in what we want?


If the "powers that be" read any of this...then know this: If business want to sell, follow Tim's voice, cause its a sure thing there will be listeners.

I listen to WMMQ only 'cause Deb and Keith are still there. Rich Michaels picked up a bad attitude from wherever he was before. He sounds like a bully these days.

must admit i have tried to listen several times since Tim Barron has been gone and it last about 1/2 hour. this new "dj" is no match for Tim's quality.
Have Listened to Tim Since Istarted driving truck to and through Lansing some 15+ yrs ago. It's a sad day for WMMQ. this listener is gone.






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