Mid-Michigan Radio and TV Stations Join Forces for Katrina Relief




Mid-Michigan radio and televisions stations have banded together to provide essential relief to hurricane-ravaged areas of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. WILX-TV aired an NBC hurricane relief concert Friday evening, along with local cut-in's from Lansing's Celebration Cinema Theaters, raising more than $230,000 in aid. Particing radio stations in the effort were WFMK, WITL, WJIM-AM/FM, WMMQ and WHZZ. WLNS-TV, which headed fundraising efforts earlier in the week, raised over $70,000 for hurricane relief. That brings the cash donations of Mid-Michigan residents to a total exceeding $300,000. Also in participation was Dan Henry Distributing, which, under the supervision of marketing director Mark Stevens, donated a semi-truck full of fresh water to the victims. All of this is a prime example of how local media competitiveness can be set aside in times of need.







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