Metro Detroit: In the News Dec 9-12




Detroit News:

The seeds of the Howard Stern satellite radio revolution are planted in a simple black spiral notebook. Across its blank pages, the Lenny Bruce of broadcasting scrawls ideas for the riskiest (and richest) move of his radio career, a collection of deranged concepts that fly unfettered from his id, without fears of censorship or staggering federal fines... Howard Stern taking otherworldly talent into satellite radio (Sun 12/11)

Lions vs. Packers. At the beginning of this season it seemed like a game the country would enjoy, right? After all, Packers quarterback Brett Favre has long been a fan favorite -- and he's won a Super Bowl. And the Lions, well, their young quarterback Joey Harrington seemed poised to break through and compete for the NFC North title -- and a playoff spot. With that in mind, ESPN and the NFL decided to make today's game in Green Bay its prime-time matchup, airing it nationally at 8:30 p.m. (ESPN and ABC). That was six months ago... Prime-time Lions: Must-miss TV, (Sun 12/11)

Detroit Free Press:

Howard Stern is sounding positively inoffensive. Hmm. That's weird. I never went to more potluck dinners than I did in Detroit, and I mean it in a good way," says the nation's preeminent shock jock, reminiscing about the period in 1980 when he lived here and worked for 106.7, known then as WWWW-FM. "It was almost like the show 'Friends.' Everybody was just kind of friendly. It was nice"... King of all controversy, (Sun 12/11)

The "Mojo in the Morning" team at WKQI-FM (95.5) is trying to have a serious discussion about the importance of looks in radio. Trying and failing. "I think I still have a face for radio," cracks Mojo, 35, the leader of the five-person crew. "If I had a better-looking face, I'd be on Channel 4 by now"... Hot jocks, (Mon 12/12)







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