Sales and Transactions: week of Dec 21, 2005




* The FCC granted the voluntary assignment of the construction permit for LPTV station W51DP Gladstone from Dean M. Mosely to Village Broadcasting Corp.

* Two new FM allotments in the Thumb area were granted by the FCC for 99.1 Lexington and 101.3 Pigeon. Both allotments are for Class A stations (maximum of 6,000 watts @ 328 feet). These allotments will be opened for auction by the FCC at a later date.

* Construction permit for WRWP-LP 106.7 Mt. Pleasant expired in October, permit was canceled by the FCC on December 13

* Construction permit granted to Advance Acquisition for a new station at AM 1490 Houghton. If built as currently specified the station would broadcast with 1,000 watts both daytime and nighttime from a single tower south of Houghton.

* Noted that AM TIS station WQDX836 1610 Rochester Hills has signed on the air. Station is run by the City of Rochester Hills and was heard on 12/19 rebroadcasting NOAA All-Hazards (weather) Radio.

* Construction permit granted to Cornerstone Baptist Educational Ministries (aka Cornerstone University) for a new station at FM 90.9 Springfield. If built as currently specified the Class A station would broadcast with 700 watts non-directional from a tower located between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

* The FCC granted WLCM AM 1390 Charlotte a construction permit for major change: The station's city of license will change to Holt and a second facility will be added for nighttime operations. The new nighttime specs are 4,500 watts from a 4-tower array located south of Holt (Lansing).







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