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Schram exits Infinity Detroit



In a surprise move Infinity Director of Sales and VP/GM of country WYCD-FM (99.5) has resigned. Schram had been originally assigned as Infinity Market Manager for three of the FM's in Detroit: smooth jazz WVMV (98.7), oldies WOMC (104.3) and country WYCD (99.5).

Somewhat overworked running between three stations in three separate suburbs of the Motor City, Steve soon gave up Smooth Jazz V-98.7 to new GM Deb Kenyon. Now, reports say she may take over country WYCD. The last female GM at the country station was Maureen Lesourd, now running oldies K-Earth 101 (KRTH) in Los Angeles. Then, reportedly because of soft billings, even though the ratings were very strong, Schram was moved out of WOMC and replaced by Kevin Murphy from Infinity in Rochester, NY and prior to that Buffalo, NY. At that point his sole responsibility was WYCD.

Steve Schram is one of the most respected radio executives in the Detroit market, yet because of sales expectations, some feel are bordering on "unrealistic," he is now going to be exploring other opportunities. It's a sad commentary on our industry.







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