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New WJIM Morning Show Partners with MTRN

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Lansing's WJIM-AM 1240 has launched a new morning program, which appears to be a joint venture with the Michigan Talk Radio Network. The host of the new program is MTRN founder and CEO Dave Scott, who had previously hosted the morning show from the network's Charlevoix studios, but now moves to WJIM's Lansing facilities. Scott's co-host is Joanne Paul, who held the same duties on WJIM's previous morning show with Mark Bashore. Also present is WJIM ND and morning anchor Gary Austin, who now does newscasts across the network. The key difference it that now, it appears that the entire morning program, originating from Citadel's Lansing studios, is distributed across MTRN, replacing MTRN's previous morning program with Scott and co-host Laurel Hess.

Citadel has been auditioning new morning hosts for WJIM since Bashore's depature last month, so it's difficult to tell if the new program is a trial, or more permanent. Only time (or a Citadel press release) will answer that question.







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