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Mid-Michigan Radio and TV Stations Join Forces for Katrina Relief



Mid-Michigan radio and televisions stations have banded together to provide essential relief to hurricane-ravaged areas of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. WILX-TV aired an NBC hurricane relief concert Friday evening, along with local cut-in's from Lansing's Celebration Cinema Theaters, raising more than $230,000 in aid. Particing radio stations in the effort were WFMK, WITL, WJIM-AM/FM, WMMQ and WHZZ. WLNS-TV, which headed fundraising efforts earlier in the week, raised over $70,000 for hurricane relief. That brings the cash donations of Mid-Michigan residents to a total exceeding $300,000. Also in participation was Dan Henry Distributing, which, under the supervision of marketing director Mark Stevens, donated a semi-truck full of fresh water to the victims. All of this is a prime example of how local media competitiveness can be set aside in times of need.


Z-101.7 Gives Way to "Mike"

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WHZZ-FM (101.7) Lansing has dropped its fairly successful CHR format in favor of a "Jack" style format, rebranding itself as "101.7 Mike FM". The new format, which is currently running without live announcers, features a mix of 70's, 80's and 90's hits. WHZZ's parent company, MacDonald Broadcasting, implemented a similar format on sister station WMJO-FM Bay City last year, and has enjoyed reasonable success with the format in the Tri-Cities market.

This effectively ends speculation that Citadel's WMMQ-FM might adopt the "Jack" format in light of the departure of morning host Tim Barron. However, WHZZ's switch to this format is a total surprise, since their CHR format was garnering respectable ratings. I guess the next question is, who, if anyone, will pick up the CHR torch in the Lansing market?


Big Changes at Citadel-Lansing

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Citadel Broadcasting has announced changes affecting formats and lineups at three of their Lansing radio stations. The announcements were made at 9:00 this morning on Oldies WJIM-FM (97.5) and Classic Rock WMMQ-FM (94.9) by Citadel-Lansing GM Rob Stryker and VP of Operations Matt Hanlon. Here's a rundown of the announced changes:

  • WJIM-FM is dropping its Oldies format in favor of CHR, the format dropped by MacDonald Broadcasting's WHZZ-FM just two days ago.
  • WJIM-FM morning show host Rich Michaels moves to mornings at WMMQ, where he will co-anchor the morning show with Deb Hart. WMMQ's Classic Rock format will remain the same.
  • Michaels' co-host Monica Harris moves to WFMK, where she will co-anchor mornings with Danny Stewart.
  • Hart's current WMMQ morning co-host, Dave Beagle, moves to mornings at the "New 97.5", with its relaunched CHR format. Beagle joined WMMQ following the departure of Tim Barron last month.
  • Broadcasts of Michigan State University football and basketball games will move from WJIM-FM to WMMQ.

These moves answer the question of who will pick up the CHR torch which was dropped when WHZZ switched to a "Jack" style format as "Mike FM" on Tuesday (9/13). Of course, now this leaves a void for the Oldies format in Lansing, so we'll see if anyone picks that torch up and runs with it.


Details on the Citadel-Lansing Switch



The following was published to the Radio and Records website Monday (9/19), regarding the format switches of last week:

He Who Hesitates Gets Stuck With The Crappy Format.

On Tuesday, Lansing, MI lost its only Pop station when McDonald Broadcasting flipped WHZZ to the Jack-esque "Mike-FM." Within the space of two days, however, Citadel dove right into that gaping hole by flipping WJIM from Oldies to an adult-targeted CHR under the working slogan "The New 97.5." "This has been the fastest 48 hours of my life," says Dan Kelley, who remains in place as OM/PD of WJIM and Classic Rock sister WMMQ. Chris Reynolds, PD of AC clustermate WFMK, adds MD duties for The New 97.5. In other moves, longtime WJIM morning man Rich Michaels will swap shifts with WMMQ morning talent Dave Beagle. Joining Beagle will be Lisa G, a refugee from the late WHZZ, where she did afternoons.

Kelley lets ST Daily in on the company's decision to make this sudden move and describes the accelerated timeline and behind-the-scenes drama: "WHZZ abandoned the format and left the door wide open for someone to take the position; it was a no-brainer decision and a race to see who would do it first," he says. WHZZ flipped at 1pm on Wednesday. "By 3pm, we were already having meetings about it," says Kelley, who enlisted the help of Chris Abrams at sister KKOB-FM/Albuquerque to start pulling some music together. "We got the final approval from [Citadel COO] Judy Ellis at 6:20pm ET Wednesday. We started loading in the music, cut some liners, started generating music logs and launched at 10am Thursday," he says.

The only discrepancies in the R&R article were that WHZZ switched formats at 1 pm last Tuesday (9/13), and that Dave Beagle's morning host is Lisa D (R&R reported her name as Lisa G). In any event, the lightning speed with which the staff on Pine Tree reacted to the changes on Cavanaugh is staggering, and shows just how fast things can move in the radio business, especially in this technological age!







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