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Citadel Seeks Operations Manager for Two Lansing Stations



Citadel Communications is seeking an operations manager for two of its Lansing radio stations, WMMQ-FM and WJIM-FM, according to a listing in the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Job Bank. WMMQ (94.9) currently programs a Classic Rock format, and WJIM-FM (97.5) programs an Oldies format with emphasis on the 60's and 70's. According to the listing, the person hired for the position would oversee programming for both stations, as well as maintain an airshift on one of the two. Anyone interested is asked to send resume materials to Robert Striker, Citadel's Lansing GM.


Liners on WSAE and recent sign on WJKN are promising a big change coming to WSAE on Wednesday, May 18th. The change is a new station to be called 'Home dot FM'. It isn't quite known exactly what kind of changes will be made with the new station, but I will be sure to report on any changes when I hear them on Wednesday!


Rumors once again became reality when earlier today Spring Arbor University (Jackson County) changed the format of its FM flagship WSAE-FM 106.9 to a hybrid of Hot Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Christian as "Home.fm". The previous format titled "Power Praise FM", offering more traditional Christian fare, has been moved to SAU's new signal, WJKN-FM 89.3. WSAE and WJKN-FM share the same broadcast tower west of Jackson and enjoy similar coverage areas.

Spring Arbor hopes the new format will provide a platform for Christian values through a blend of mainstream and Christian music. Listeners will hear familiar music that is appropriate for all audiences. “The most important element of our music is that anyone can listen to it,” says general manager Carl Fletcher. “Every song we play on HOME.fm is ‘family safe’ because we won’t play music with questionable material.”

Accompanying the new sounds of HOME is a revamped format that supplies relevant news and entertaining features for the entire family. “WSAE is being totally transformed to relate to our community in a culturally relevant, relationship-building way that has not yet been explored by other markets,” says Rachel Ryder, music director and assistant program director of HOME.fm.

GM Fletcher, formerly of WONU/Chicago (Shine.fm), WLGH/Lansing (Smile.fm) and WHPO/Hoopeston, IL, will co-host "The Breakfast Table" mornings with Suzanna McGraw. Middays will feature Bill DeWees beginning in June with afternoons hosted by Ryder.

In addition to WSAE, the station is broadcast on 4 translators in southern Michigan: 104.7 Lansing, 99.5 Kalamazoo, 92.5 Battle Creek, and 96.5 Adrian. The station's web site also features a live web stream.


There is a new radio station in Jackson today. Spring Arbor University has made the long-awaited changes to 106.9 WSAE, the station formerly known as Power Praise FM, they are now calling known as 'Home dot FM'.

Home dot FM promises to bring family friendly music to the airwaves in South Central Michigan. The station still has a christian lean however, playing about one or two religious songs in the time that I listened today. Most of the playlist would probably best be described as positive and encouraging types of music. Artists I heard on the station this afternoon included John Mayer, Earth Wind & Fire, and Sting. The station seems to be running jockless right now. Liners on the station are pitching more programs coming on June 1st. Some people may argue that this is the same format as K-105.3, but in my opinion, 105.3 has more of a Hot AC approach.

Power Praise FM is not dead though. Many people speculated a Christian CHR/Rock format on 89.3 FM. However, a listen on the radio this morning showed the station now sitting in the non-commercial band. Also, the large network of translators owned by Spring Arbor University that used to repeat the former Power Praise FM on 106.9 are now repeating the new Home dot FM. Power Praise is now only listenable for those within listening range of 89.3. But I think the translator switch is a good idea. Most of the Power Praise translators were located in towns that although did not receive 106.9 with a good signal, listeners could hear the same kind of music elsewhere on the dial. Bringing a fresh format to these cities will put better use to these translators.

Home dot FM may not be done expanding either. There are still more translator construction permits for Spring Arbor University. New stations at 98.3 in Chelsea, 107.7 in Deerfield, and 97.1 in my hometown of Coldwater are still on the dock.


FCC Approves COL Change for WJXQ

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The FCC has issued an order approving Mid-Michigan Radio Group's application to reassign the city of license for WJXQ-FM (Q106) from Jackson to Charlotte. The order, which was issued Wednesday and released today, paves the way for two other pending COL petitions to proceed: the reassignment of MMRG's WQTX-FM from Charlotte to Grand Ledge, and the reassignment of Christian Broadcasting System's WLCM-AM (1390) from Charlotte to Holt. WQTX is planning a new transmitter site, power increase, and frequency switch from 92.7 to 92.9, while WLCM plans to add nighttime service from a second transmitter location closer to Lansing.

So why all the shuffle? With both current Charlotte stations applying for COL changes, the Eaton county seat would be left without a licensed radio station, and under FCC guidelines, there must be at least one station licensed to a municipality once it is allocated. Enter WJXQ, which will now be, at least on the FCC books, a Charlotte station; however, I wouldn't expect to hear any farm reports on Q106 in the near future.







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