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That's right -- as of right now, the Detroit Tigers have no deal to broadcast any of their games over "regular" TV. Fox Sports Net, available via cable and satellite, will carry 110 games this year, but no deal could be worked out between the Tigers and Channel 50 to put a 30 or 40 game schedule on UPN 50.

I can totally understand where Ch. 50 is coming from - paying big bucks to broadcast baseball doesn't seem to be a slam dunk in the face of declining ratings and a team that has been anything but stellar. The Tigers, thinking that the team will be better and more interesting this year, are probably asking for too much money for the local TV package -- forcing the 20-30% of people without cable or satellite to do without Tigers games this year.

It'd be nice for the Tigers to do what something like the Pistons have done with Channel 20-- work out a deal where the team essentially pays for the air time and produces it's own broadcasts, then takes whatever revenue they earn for itself. Working out a deal with a station like Channel 38 would seem to be a win-win situation. Add Channel 31 from Ann Arbor in the deal, and you'd have decent enough over-the-air coverage at a low price. If I ran Channel 38, I'd be pretty aggressive in attempting to get the Tigers - and then the other sports teams too when they become available. Turning 38 into a sports powerhouse would finally give that station some legs.

It's a sad day for Channel 50 as they now have lost all their regular season sports play-by-play deals. The Red Wings (when they return) are owned 100% by Fox Sports Net, the Pistons are now on Ch. 20, and now the Tigers are gone too. You have to wonder if the Lions preseaon games are worth it for 50 now that they've lost everything else.


The Associated Press has been running a story about the Northern Michigan CBS affiliate conducting a web poll of its viewers about whether or not to run tonight's Dan Rather one hour sendoff special. In the AP story, 9&10's Tessia Klix said the special was something the station normally would air, but decided to put the issue up for a vote after being inundated with "negative feedback" about Rather.

The poll itself is a tad cumbersome -- you have to enter a valid e-mail address and then confirm your vote before it counts -- and will likely drive down the number of responses the station might have otherwise received. After completing the confirmation, no feedback is given on the status of the voting thus far.

I don't understand why 9&10 would consider pulling the plug on this show just because some of their viewers are upset at Rather and the Bush military records debacle. If those viewers don't want to see the tribute, they can easily tune elsewhere or just not watch TV for that hour. Unless the feedback from that poll shows 75% or more negative feedback, I'm thinking it'd be a mistake for them to not show the program tonight. Why deny those that do want to see the show the chance when the alternative for those that don't is so easy?!?


As I move along attempting to update the dial pages on this site, my focus has been on getting the all the TV pages done first, then the AMs, and then finally the FMs. FM will take the longest to update due to the number of new FM translators that have been granted in the past year or so (along with all the changes that have happened since last summer).

Anyhow-- as I was updating the page for MS Communications, which holds 52 LPTV licenses in places like Petoskey, Traverse City, Houghton Lake, and Sault Ste Marie, I stumbled on a great article written by the Center for Public Integrity titled "Two-hundred Channels and Nothing on – Literally".

Many of these existing stations have applications filed with the FCC to move them out of Michigan into Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Interesting too is that none of these stations have ever broadcast anything more than a test pattern -- if that.







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