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Detroit HD FM Radio gets a big content boost

As part of broadcasters' plan to promote high definition radio, members of the HD Digital Radio Alliance have announced plans for secondary streams on more than 250 of thier stations- several of which have already hit the air, with the rest following in the days ahead. The alliance includes major radio companies Clear Channel, CBS, Greater Media, ABC/Disney, Bonneville, and Emmis.

Here are the announced HD2 streams announced for Detroit stations involved with the alliance:

Clear Channel's WMXD-FM 92.3- Gospel
ABC/Disney's WDRQ-FM 93.1- no plans announced
Greater Media's WCSX-FM 94.7- Deep Trax (Classic Rock)
Clear Channel's WKQI-FM 95.5- New Top 40
ABC/Disney's WDVD-FM 96.3- no plans announced
CBS's WKRK-FM 97.1- News
Clear Channel's WJLB-FM 97.9- Classic Hip Hop
CBS's WVMV-FM 98.7- Traditional Jazz
CBS's WYCD-FM 99.5- Future Country
Clear Channel's WNIC-FM 100.3- AC Ballads and Love Songs
Greater Media's WRIF-FM 101.1- Riff2 (Local Rock/Hip Hop)
Crawford Broadcasting's WMUZ-FM 103.5- Hot Christian AC
CBS's WOMC-FM 104.3- History of Rock & Roll
Greater Media's WMGC-FM 105.1- More Magic (Soft AC days, Classical overnights)
Clear Channel's WDTW-FM 106.7- Live Rock

The stations above will also broadcast thier primary formats on their main HD stream. Greater Media's WCSX, WRIF, and WMGC have been operating and promoting their HD2 streams since late last summer.

The other major FM stations in town, CIMX-FM 88.7, WRCJ-FM 90.9, WUOM-FM 91.7, CIDR-FM 93.9, WDET-FM 101.9, WHTD-FM 102.7, WDMK-FM 105.9, and WGPR-FM 107.5 have not announced plans for secondary streams and several have not launched any secondary digital services. WDMK does offer an HD broadcast of its regular programs. As CIMX and CIDR are based in Canada, they will not be involved, for now at least, in the In Band On Channel (IBOC) digital system that the FCC has approved for US stations.

WMUZ had been simulcasting the programming of religious WRDT-AM 560 on its HD2 channel since it came live in July 2005 and went to All-Christmas music during the past holiday season. WMUZ HD2 is now Hot Christian AC, a spunkier version of what airs on the 'regular' WMUZ. Crawford also plans on bringing WEXL-AM 1340 online with daytime HD programming by early summer 2006.

If you're interesting in hearing all this new programming-- good luck. HD radios have not become popular items in stores quite yet but the HD Radio Alliance hopes that the availability of programming will increase consumer interest and demand for HD sets.

Detroit News:

Get ready -- in the next two to three days there will be an assortment of new channels on your "free" radio airwaves, all part of a push to bring more variety to bored FM listeners. On Wednesday, the HD Digital Radio Alliance revealed which markets would begin broadcasting part of some 264 new "HD2" multicast channels first. Detroit is one market that will receive some of them. Radio's top-12 markets are part of the first wave, in addition to Seattle, Baltimore, Cincinnati and 13 others. "Listeners will now have even more local choices of new and diverse programming," said Peter Ferrara, president and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance. "I think a lot of people are going to want an HD Radio for their car, home and office." Of course, Detroit already has a number of HD2 stations, if you've got a high-definition radio and can hear them... Detroit chosen to ride first wave of HD radio (Thu 1/19)

For more than a year now, radio programmers have been obsessed with the iPod. They've been launching iPod Shuffle-like formats such as "Jack" ("Doug" here in Detroit), some stations give away iPods in promotions, while others decry the popular audio players as death to their industry. That wary attitude may change a bit as Apple announced a revolutionary device at the Macworld conference: an iPod Radio Remote, retailing for $49. The remote allows you to both control your iPod from afar -- if it's in your backpack, say -- but it also lets you listen to your favorite FM radio station... Remote turns iPod into FM radio (Fri 1/20)

Detroit Free Press:

"Four and 26 to go, Chauncey on the sideline, lobs to Rasheed, Rasheed turns and faces, FIRES OFF THE GLASS AND HE HIT IT! COUNT THAT BABY AND A FOUL!" In his 30th NBA season, with more than 2,600 games under his belt as the voice of the Pistons, George Blaha's up-tempo and unique play-by-play calls have thrilled fans since the days a once-struggling franchise sometimes hosted 4,000 diehards at Cobo Arena. "I agree with people who tell me they like George's broadcasts because they're never boring. He can make a preseason contest sound like Game 7 of the NBA Finals," said Joe Abramson, in his 23rd season as Blaha's home game statistician. "He also does it without damaging the integrity of the game, because as George will tell you, he's not the show, the players are." Blaha, 61, was raised in Iowa until moving to Grayling at age 13... 30 seasons of George Blaha (Wed 1/18)

Dick Purtan will be hosting the morning show on CBS Radio-owned oldies station WOMC-FM (104.3) for five more years. At the pact's completion, his Detroit career would pass the 45-year mark. Quipped Purtan: "The people have spoken, but I've decided to sign a new contract anyway." Purtan's longtime attorney, Henry Baskin, confirmed the new deal Thursday morning, but he declined to specify a salary figure. It's generally believed that Purtan set the standard for Detroit radio salaries, with an annual paycheck of about $4 million. However, Purtan's senior career status -- he's in his late 60s -- and radio's economic problems could mean that he may have settled for less. As part of the deal, Baskin said, CBS agreed to make a $50,000 donation to the Gail Purtan Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. It's named after Purtan's wife, who has survived several treatment regimens since 1997... Dick Purtan signs for 5 more years on WOMC (Fri 1/20)

FSN Detroit to present “Homecoming Week” Jan. 22-28

FSNIn the days before Super Bowl hoopla in the Motor City kicks into full gear, FSN Detroit presents its own week of big events as the region's wintertime teams combine for eight games in seven days from Jan. 22-28, all in front of hometown fans. Dubbed “Homecoming Week”, it includes three Pistons games, three Red Wings games and a CCHA doubleheader.

Here's the day-by-day lineup for “Homecoming Week” on FSN Detroit:

* Sun Jan 22, Pistons vs. Houston Rockets – 5:30 PM
* Mon Jan 23, Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators – 7:00 PM
* Tue Jan 24, Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators – 7:00 PM
* Wed Jan 25, Pistons vs. Milwaukee Bucks – 7:00 PM
* Thu Jan 26, Red Wings vs. Vancouver Canucks – 7:00 PM
* Fri Jan 27, Pistons vs. Memphis Grizzlies – 7:30 PM
* Sat Jan 28, CCHA: Northern Michigan at Western Michigan – 4:30 PM
* Sat Jan 28, CCHA: Michigan vs. Michigan State @ JLA Detroit– 7:30 PM

Radio and Records:

United Stations Radio Networks inks a multiyear pact with Mort Crim Communications to provide sales, affiliate relations and distribution for Crim's daily short-form programs, "News You Care About," "Second Thoughts" and "American Spirit." Crim, a 35-year veteran broadcaster, is the voice of all three products, which currently air on more than 700 affiliates nationwide. USRN Signs New Deal With Mort Crim Communications (Thu 1/19)

All Access

WDVD's Blaine & Lisa Interview Rod Marinelli: ABC RADIO Hot AC WDVD/DETROIT, MI's morning show with BLAINE & LISA interviewed new LIONS coach ROD MARINELLI this morning and talked about everything from what part of town they plan to live in, to the teams plans for Quarterback JOEY HARRINGTON. MARINELLI told the morning show, "...I want to have a chance to sit down and visit with him. I want to get the Offensive Coordinator in place. That's the thing I like to start with first..."

Dispute Arrises Over Three Mort Crim Programs: Just a day after USRN announced a deal whereby they entered into a long-term marketing agreement with MORT CRIM COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (see NET NEWS 1/19), CRIM's previous distributor, LIFESTYLE TALKRADIO NETWORK, is notifying all CRIM affilates that LIFESTYLE will continue to produce the CRIM-related "SECOND THOUGHTS," "AMERICAN SPIRIT," and "NEWS YOU CARE ABOUT" features with regular CRIM fill-in host, DAVID WEISS, stepping up as full-time host/head writer. For their part, CRIM and USRN are planning produce three new shows to replace "SECOND THOUGHTS," "AMERICAN SPIRIT," and "NEW YOU CARE ABOUT" (the new shows will be called "MORT CRIM--ONE MOMENT PLEASE," "MORT CRIM--STORIES FROM THE USA," and "MORT CRIM--NEWS YOU'LL TALK ABOUT," respectively). Both sides maintain that they own the rights to the three disputed shows, and both sides are vowing legal action in the wake of the dispute.







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