Format changes: week of Feb 8, 2006

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* WUBU-FM 106.3 South Bend, IN has changed its format from Smooth Jazz back to Adult Urban Contemporary, the same format it switched to Smooth Jazz from in 2003, once again as Mix 106.

Joyner, R & B rejoin WUBU (South Bend Tribune, Sun 2/5)



To whom it may concern;
Why did 106.3 formally known as WUBU (jazz) feel the need to change formats. I really LOVED the smooth jazz station. Did anyone take a poll and ask the listeners what they wanted!!!
We already have too many contemporary/rock stations. As of yet there are not other jazz stations that we can pick up in our area. Some of us out here in the listening area like to just hear slow easy going music with out all the talk on our morning jaunt to work each day.Just wanted to say thanks to who ever decided to mess with my morning comute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps.I would have sent this sooner but did not have the time till now.






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