Michigan Broadcasters Support Competition, More Choices in Video Services




Bills Would Encourage Competition and Improve Services for Consumers

MABThe Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) today announced its support for bills in the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives that would allow telecom companies to provide advanced video services. The bills, SB 1197 and HB 5895, would allow additional providers to enter the business of home delivery of video and audio entertainment.

“These bills would allow more providers to offer programming to the consumer—including that of local broadcasters,” said Karole White, President and CEO of the MAB. “We are strongly in favor of changes that would offer more competition in delivery of video services to Michigan citizens and provide new ways for them to receive the local programming they want.” White said inclusion of local broadcasters' television and radio signals in any new delivery system is crucial because of the role that broadcasters play in emergency communications, local news and weather coverage, and other community events. “The citizens of Michigan should demand more choices and urge their lawmakers to support bills that would give them that choice,” White said. “More providers mean more competition, more choices, better customer service and better prices.”







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