West Michigan: Newsmakers Mar 13 - 19




Grand Rapids Press:

Local radio host Robert S testified Wednesday that robbery suspect Michael Jackson's violent rap lyrics don't make him guilty. Jurors viewed a videotape of Jackson singing, "I Am a Robber," when Robert S, a former New York recording artist and now program director for WJNZ-AM (1140), took the witness stand for the defense. He said Jackson's lyrics don't make him a robber any more than the Oscar-winning hip-hop song, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," put writers Three 6 Mafia on the street corner selling women for sex... Radio host defends robbery suspect's rap lyrics (Thu 3/16)

What's black and white and heard all over? A new weekly radio show about diversity on WTKG-AM (1230), debuting March 27. "Radio in Black and White" will air 8-9 a.m. Mondays and aims to be the most "integrated hour of the week," according to hosts Skot Welch and Rick Wilson. Their goal is to showcase diversity, giving the community a chance to take part in a positive dialogue about multiracial models in business, community life, law, health care, education and faith ... Syndicated in Maine: Want a little Free Beer and Hot Wings with your freshly caught lobster? On Monday, the popular, locally produced WGRD-FM (97.9) morning show of "Free Beer and Hot Wings" added classic rock stations WHXR/WHXQ (106.7 and 104.7 The Bone) in Portland, Maine, to its stable of stations airing the show... Diversity dialogue debuts March 27 on WTKG-AM (Sun 3/19)

When kids his age were learning to read, Red Kingman was into the spoken word. And no one sounded better to Kingman than Wolfman Jack, the howling disc jockey with his distinctive gravelly voice. "Ever since I heard Wolfman Jack as a 6-year-old, I knew what I wanted to do," explains Kingman, finishing a late breakfast at Holland's Windmill Restaurant after a recent broadcast. After a morning of entertaining listeners, he is subdued as he sips his coffee... Radio announcer finds his niche: WHTC personality enjoys banter with listeners (Sun 3/19)

Terry Ficorelli (“Fic” the voice of the Muskegon Fury) and game broadcast announcer/Vice President of Communications is in need of a broadcast engineer for the home games throughout the rest of the hockey season and playoffs. The former engineer passed away suddenly and his passing has left a big hole in the broadcasting of the Muskegon Fury home hockey games.

This is potentially 9 to 15 games total including playoffs. The Fury are trying to make it a “three-peat” and win their third in a row Colonial Cup. This feat has not ever been accomplished in all of Pro Hockey. At any rate, the position is volunteer, although there is all the pizza anyone could possibly eat at the games and a few other perks. Fic can/will negotiate these. If there is a person who is interested and willing to commit Friday and Saturday night games, please e-mail Diane who will forward your interest on to Fic.







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