West Michigan: Newsmakers Mar 20 - 26




Grand Rapids Press:

At the longtime newsman's retirement party, we all wore buttons proudly stating "Jack Hogan Gave Us Our Start In Broadcasting." Hogan, an anchorman and news director at WZZM-TV (Channel 13) from 1962-88, was a legend of West Michigan broadcast news. Everybody knew Jack and welcomed his humor, smart business sense, golf game, political knowledge, leadership skills and keen risk-taking sense when making local hires in the news industry. Hogan also worked as an administrative assistant to the Grand Rapids city manager, was a lobbyist for city funding and even worked at the Meijer store on East Beltline Avenue for a while after retiring... Retiree Hogan elects to be active (Tue 3/21)

Who says the proof is in the puddin'? Fans of radio station WSNX-FM (104.5) and new morning host Justin "Puddin" Barclay thought they were getting a scoop Thursday morning when the host interviewed a guest regarding the downtown development 'mystery project'. "My producer got an e-mail from someone who said they knew what was going on, and that it involved Donald Trump," Puddin said later. "I thought it was strange they e-mailed us because we're not a hard news station, but we'll put anybody on. If you say you've been abducted by aliens, we'll put you on"... Caller trumps radio show host (Fri 3/24)

It used to be Detroit Tigers fans throughout the state could look forward to watching all but a handful of the team's home and road contests from the comfort of their living rooms in the course of a 162-game schedule. No more. For the second straight season, the Tigers are withholding a large number of their games -- a total of 50 this season -- from being broadcast... FSN Detroit the only home for the Tigers (Fri 3/24)

The zany morning radio program, "Mancow's Morning Madhouse," debuted Monday on WZUU-FM (92.3) in Kalamazoo. Based in Chicago, the show airs weekdays from 6:30 to 11 a.m. For the past two months, the station played rock music with no on-air talent in the mornings. Now, song parodies, radio skits, prank phone calls, and a radio program that promotes the concept of free speech takes the air waves, all sent out by a host with the offbeat radio name Mancow. The moniker stems from his college days at Central Missouri State University, where he majored in theater and was fond of creating a half-man, half-cow character... Radio's Mancow 'disease' spreads to WZUU-FM (Sun 3/26)







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