Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 2, 2006




Detroit News:

When Deborah Tate joined the Federal Communications Commission in January, she knew her responsibilities would be vast, from reviewing corporate mergers to shepherding small towns into the digital age. But she wasn't quite prepared for all the swearing, violence and sex. "I'm not sure that it ever dawned on me that when I was appointed or sworn in that I -- the FCC commissioners -- would actually watch all of these" TV and radio shows named in indecency complaints, she said. Tate and her fellow commissioners agree it is an issue of great public concern... Guardians of decency (Sun 4/2)

Obituary: Richard A. Femmel may have changed jobs, but in his soul, he was always a shoe-leather reporter who preferred the facts to the sensational and didn't sleep until the story was put to bed. A founding member of the Detroit Press Club and nationally recognized broadcaster, Mr. Femmel was known for his intellectual curiosity, serious mind and level head. In 1964 and 1965, he won the National Headliners Award for the nation's most outstanding television editorials... WXYZ anchor focused on the facts (Sun 4/2)







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