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At 3:00 this afternoon, FM 106.7 Detroit returned to a Country music format, after having abandoned it for nearly 7 years for Rock. Prior to September 1st 1999, country was heard at 106.7 for nearly 20 years- at one point in its history W4 Country was the top rated station overall in Detroit. In June 1993, WYCD-FM 99.5, Young Country, arrived during one the genres peak in popularity and nearly immediately put pressure on W4 in both ratings and revenue. After 6 years, WYCD claimed the crown when W4 abruptly switched to a 'Rock Hits' format titled Alice 106.7.

Despite several tweaks to the rock format on WLLC/WDTW since then, the station never fully caught on with listeners. WDTW-FM placed 19th overall in the winter ratings book with a 1.5 share. WYCD has benefited from a resurgence in the country format - it was tied for 2nd overall in the last book. Owner Clear Channel on Tuesday fired the staff of 'The Drive' and began stunting, asking listeners to vote on the station's new format. The next task for listeners to name the station -- is there much doubt that the new name will be W4 Country?

The WWWW call sign was moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in October 2000 when FM 102.9 changed its format from rock to country and resurrected the W4 Country name. Both 102.9 and 106.7 are owned by Clear Channel. W4 Country / Ann Arbor was that city's highest-rated commercial music station according the Fall 2005 ratings.

The return to a country format at 106.7 is well timed. This weekend is the Downtown Hoedown, the world's largest country music festival, sponsored now by WYCD but once sponsored by the old W4 Country. You can bet the battle for listeners between the two stations will be on in full force this weekend!

Billboard Radio Monitor

It may be known for the Motown sound, but Detroit has two country stations again. On the heels of a stunt that involved asking listeners what they wanted the new format to be, Clear Channel classic hits WDTW (106.7 the Drive) Detroit flips to country. The station is soliciting a new name from listeners at, where a stream of the new station can also be heard. Interestingly, former country station WWWW (W4) was heard on the 106.7 FM frequency up until 1999... Detroit gets second country station (Fri 5/19)

Inside Radio

Clear Channel returns country to the 106.7 frequency after more than five years of being "Alice" and then "Drive" - and they're asking listeners to help choose the new call letters for the current WDTW-FM, using the website... Detroit gets a country battle (Fri 5/19)

Radio and Records:

Clear Channel's Classic Rock WDTW-FM (The Drive)/Detroit flipped to Country at 3pm ET this afternoon. Regional VP/Programming & OM Dom Theodore is directing the transition, with Drive PD John Trapane staying on as interim PD. Trapane's background includes Country radio and records stops at KKBQ/Houston, KILT & KIKK/Houston, Giant/Reprise and Dreamcatcher... Clear Channel/Detroit Flips 106.7 To Country (Fri 5/19)




Wasn't the Downtown Hoedown originally sponsored by WCXI-AM1130 and FM92.3? It's been around so long, that I can't remember that far back... :)


- Ray Roney, Clinton Twp -

I vote for a no talk morning show. There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning to someone yacking in your ears non-stop for hours.

I want to enter a contest that the new 106.7 is ad for the race at MIS this week-end what is there format on my computer






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