Metro Detroit: Newsmakers May 5, 2006




WDVD Gives Away "Pain For Pistons Tickets": This morning (5/5), ABC Hot AC WDVD/DETROIT, MI's BLAINE & LISA had no trouble finding four PISTON FANS to volunteer to come into the studio and get a chest or back wax. Winner TIM TOM of LINCOLN PARK, MI endured the torture and walked away victorious with a pair of round two PISTONS playoff tickets! (Fri 5/5)

Explosions Cancel Goo Goo Dolls Detroit Show: A freak power line failure caused explosions and a power outage in downtown DETROIT yesterday, resulting in the cancellation of ABC Hot AC WDVD/DETROIT's GOO GOO DOLLS concert at the EMERALD THEATRE. Miraculously, nobody was injured in the series of blasts that sent manhole covers soaring and caused flames to shoot out of the street. A vehicle was damaged, and a cloth gazebo outside of a building was shredded, according to the DETROIT NEWS. SHAWN DEALEY, a drum tech for the GOO GOO DOLLS, found himself ten feet away from an exploding manhole. He told the DETROIT NEWS, "I felt it, and then I heard the big explosion. I then headed back to the theater to get everyone out." The concert had to be cancelled, as power had to be turned off in the entire area to stop the explosions and repair the cable. WDVD PD RON HARRELL summed up the entire situation: "Nutty man." (Fri 5/5)







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