Flint/Tri-Cities: Newsmakers June 11 - 12

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Flint Journal:

The history of Flint television also includes fare over the airwaves from Detroit - even if, in the years before cable, Vehicle City viewers may have had to adjust their rabbit-ear antennae to see Motown stations clearly. In the satellite age, television isn't about rabbit ears anymore. But sadly, as Tim Kiska reminds us in "From Soupy to Nuts! A History of Detroit Television," it's also not about distinctively local TV, at least not in the amount once produced in cities like Detroit... Revisit golden age of Detroit local TV without rabbit ears (Sun 6/11)

Detroit Free Press:

The FBI is interested in getting a copy of a phone interview a Saginaw TV station did with a man it says was planning to rendezvous in Israel with a teenager from rural Michigan's Thumb. "We'd be interested in seeing the interview," FBI special agent Terry Booth said Sunday... TV report sought in MySpace case (Mon 6/12)

Saginaw News:

Dr. Phil and "The Today Show" want to know what everyone wants to know. Why did 16-year-old Katherine R. Lester do it? The Tuscola County teen's planned rendezvous in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a Middle Eastern man she met on MySpace.com this weekend transformed the Gilford community of a few dozen into a volcanic source for national news... Media eat up girl's story (Mon 6/12)



The article regarding Detroit Local TV being viewed in Flint shows that the author either wasn't there or doesn't recall the real situation. First of all, outside antennas graced nearly every house. Rabbit ears were inadequate to view Detroit TV. Outside antennas gave quite adequate performance on 2, 4 and 7, though not so good on 9, 50, and other UHFs (14-69 OTA). Flint had the advantage of getting nearly a full complement of local shows from not only Detroit but the Tri Cities and Lansing. Long before Martha Stewart, Flint could view Martha Dixon on Channel 6, as well a Al E. Khatt and the Mayor. Channel 12 of course had Rae Deane and Friends, a local Bozo the Clown, and Christopher C. Coffin's horror shows. All in addition to what was available on 2,4 and 7's offerings which were also widely sampled. While 2, 4, and 7 had an influence, espeically in the early years of TV when they were the only game in town, they aren't the whole story. And Detroit stations and should still regularly view not only Flint TV but other outstate markets to see which News, Weather and Sports personalities are headed their way next!






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