Flint/Tri-Cities: Newsmakers July 30 - Aug 5




Flint Journal:

If Flint radio was NASCAR, then Cars 108 (WCRZ-FM, 107.9) would be the points leader year in and year out. Cars cruised to another first-place finish in the local radio ratings compiled by Arbitron. Its 11.7 share for the spring ratings period just a fraction below its fall finish of 11.8. Flint is a two-book market, meaning Arbitron compiles ratings information in the spring and fall. The numbers, particularly in specific demographic categories (women 25-54, men 18-34), help stations determine their advertising rates. WCRZ, the adult contemporary music stalwart, is particularly popular with female listeners 25 and up. The station has kept the pedal to the metal for the better part of 15 years, finishing first in the 12-plus rankings (the broadest measurement of radio listenership) most of that time... WCRZ continues to top area radio stations (Fri 8/4)







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