Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Aug 24, 2006




Detroit News:

Quick, when's the last time you bought a tabletop radio for the house? In this decade? During the disco era? When Glenn Miller was still alive? Go to a big-box store and ask where the tabletop radios are and it's as if you asked where they keep the Hula-Hoops. That might change this holiday season, if the HD Digital Radio Alliance has its way. The Alliance, a consortium of most of the big radio chains (CBS, Clear Channel, Entercom, Greater Media and nine others) is promoting the HD or high-definition technology that allows listeners to tune in to more than just the "free" AM/FM dial, offering about a dozen new "multicast" stations in each major market... More HD radios in stores for holidays (Thu 8/24)

Detroit Free Press:

Prime-time schedules grab much of the glitz, but it is the daytime schedules of TV stations that build an audience through the day and, most importantly, help provide an attractive environment for local advertisers outside of newscasts. All the new shows will debut next month and be in permanent place by Sept. 18... Daytime television's fall lineup (Thu 8/24)







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