Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Aug 9, 2006




Detroit Free Press:

First, it was Big League Chew. Now, another Tigers-based fad is sweeping the state. The Rod Allen Game, featuring the Tigers' television analyst on FSN, has made it into on-line encyclopedia To play, all you have to do is watch Tigers telecasts and be thirsty. When Rod breaks out one of his catchphrases, consult the game rules and take the corresponding number of sips of your beverage of choice... Tigers fans wet whistle listening to Rod (Wed 8/9)

Detroit News:

The merger between the WB and UPN marked the birth of a new kind of broadcast TV. While I think the new network's name -- The CW -- is silly, I do like the idea of two small entities coming together and consolidating the most popular shows in small-screen entertainment geared toward the 18-to 34-year-old viewer. The only problem is that all this unity left soon-to-be former WB affiliates such as Channel 20 in the dark -- that is, until Fox emerged with a new operation. Called My Network TV , it is supposed to challenge the CW for those same youthful audiences by airing original, telenovela-inspired soaps, five times a week, 52 weeks a year. Channel 20, whose new call letters are WMYD, will make the switch to My Network TV on Sept. 5... Channel 20 picks up evening Fox soaps (Wed 8/9)







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