Lansing/Jackson: Newsmakers Sep 2, 2006

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Lansing State Journal:

It happened again Wednesday night. The Tigers were locked in a close one with the Yankees. ... My General Electric Super Radio was tuned to 730 (WVFN-AM). ... The Tigers put the potential tying run on base. ... Pudge at the plate, ... the wind-up and the pitch ... Suddenly Barry Manilow's voice was seeping into Dan Dickerson's play-by-play, getting louder and louder - "Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave without taking ..." Dan was quickly losing ground. Soon, it was all Barry and no Dan - "well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking ..." Signal fade spoiling Tigers radio broadcasts (Sat 9/2)



First of all, WJIM is not a "Clear Channel" station in either sense of the term. It is on a Local Channel, on which nearly 200 stations operate usually with 1000 watts day and night. It has a high level of signal which is subject to interference as a Class C station on a Local Channel. Second, WVFN is owned by Citadel, not Clear Channel, so it's not "clear channel" in that sense either.

Third, entering WVFN's coordinates for sunset times into the FCC utility results in the following:

January 5:30
February 6:15
March 6:45
April 7:15
May 8:00
June 8:15
July 8:15
August 7:45
September 6:45
October 6:00
November 5:15
December 5:00

All times above correspond to Eastern Standard Time (EST) .

Note that is says Eastern STANDARD Times. Daylight Savings Times would mean WVFN should be reducing power at 8:45 PM in August and 7:45 in September. If they are reducing power at 6:45 PM now, that is an hour earlier than they should be reducing power from 500 to 50 watts.






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