Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sep 16, 2006




Detroit News:

My moles are telling me WDFN 1130 has made a pitch to get both the Tigers and Red Wings on its airwaves. The $50 million radio deal both teams have with WXYT 1270 is up after this hockey season. WJR 760, the former longtime home of the Tigers, also has thrown its hat in the ring. WDFN, according to moles, has offered the same deal as WJR to Mike Ilitch, who owns both teams. WDFN will give him the airtime for free, but he has to sell the advertising. Few expect Ilitch to get the kind of broadcast rights fees -- if any -- he got from WXYT five years ago when it changed its format from news to sports... WDFN is trying to go big and get Tigers, Red Wings (Sat 9/16)







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