West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 22, 2006





Radio personality Robert S is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people behind the door-gluing vandalism at Union High School... Radio host offers cash to catch super-glue vandals (Thu12/21)

Battle Creek Enquirer:

Battle Creek Unlimited is happy to take the old Fort Custer post headquarters from its current owners, WOTV Ch. 41. But Jim Hettinger, BCU's president and chief executive officer, said what's inside the building probably will be more valuable than the structure itself. "The real value in the deal, if it works for us, is the audio-video equipment that we'll be donating to the schools," Hettinger said Thursday. "There's some pretty sophisticated equipment in there." Hettinger said WOTV's owner, LIN Broadcasting, is simply walking away, leaving almost everything in the building... WOTV building may be razed (Fri 12/22)







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