West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 4 - 10, 2006




South Bend Tribune:

After Jan. 1, listeners may not recognize the Voice of Niles-Buchanan. That became apparent Wednesday when Gloria Cooper, the voice behind Niles-based WNIL-AM radio station's "Here's Gloria'' program, announced on the air her intention to resign Dec. 29. Not only is Cooper leaving but so, too, is the station's operations manager and jack-of-all-trades, Ric Clingaman. The loss of Cooper and Clingaman will leave the station, billed as the Voice of Niles-Buchanan and Hometown 1290, without its hometown feel. Beginning in 2007, the around-the-clock station will be fully automated and will transmit programming solely by satellite, Clingaman said... Niles radio losing local program voices (Thu 12/7)


Coats 4 Kids, Frostbite 4 WSNX's Internio:
CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 WSNX/GRAND RAPIDS' "THE PLAYHOUSE" morning star PUDDIN shared the following with ALL ACCESS: "Morning show stunt punk INTERNIO 'THE MEXICAN INTERN' is recovering and celebrating. He was brave or dumb enough to bare all, to bring attention to an overlooked problem. INTERNIO stood outside collecting 'Coats 4 Kids' to make the point that there are kids in this city that have to deal with this problem every day. After less than four hours, he picked up over 300 coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts for kids who didn't have them earlier today." By the way, the outside temperature during this stunt was 14 degrees -- with a wind chill of zero. "Oh, did I mention we made him wear the BORAT swimsuit?" PUDDIN adds. "Does workmen's comp cover self-induced frostbite?" (Fri 12/8)

Grand Rapids Press:

I have always been a fan of Aris Hampers. He had been a West Michigan radio fixture for 35 years, and I miss him on the airwaves since he was let go from Clear Channel's WBFX-FM (101.3) in September. What's Aris up to now? I heard him on the air last month at WLAV-FM (96.9) when he dropped in as a Friday morning guest on the Kevin Matthews show. The two have been friends since their Grand Valley college days. "We had a gas -- a lot of fun," Hampers said from his Aris' Disc Shop in the Celebration Cinema North complex. "Although getting up at 5:30 -- well, I'm more of a noon kind of guy"... Broadcast notes: Aris has new best friend in Asia (Sun 12/10)







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