Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Jan 12, 2007




Detroit News:

Remember all that Christmas music flooding WNIC-FM (100.3)'s airwaves last fall, spreading Burl Ives' cheer while the leaves were still on the trees? It paid off -- in the short run, anyway. The final Arbitron ratings for the fall, released Thursday, showed that those Christmas bells propelled WNIC's ranking from No. 12 overall up to No. 2. With the Detroit Tigers' World Series run preoccupying much of the male audience in the fall, followed closely by the November election coverage and WNIC's Christmas onslaught, some of Detroit's music stations just battened down the hatches and held on, waiting for it all to be over... The holidays bring joy to WNIC (Fri, 1/12)

Detroit Free Press:

Santa Claus came a little late to Clear Channel-owned WNIC-FM (100.3) Thursday. But the jolly round man -- in the form of the quarterly Arbitrend Radio Ratings -- was very welcome in a true case of better late than never. WNIC, famous for starting an all-Christmas playlist before the final Halloween candy bar hits the bottom of the last goblin's bag, surged from 12th to second place among all listeners for the final quarter of 2006. It claimed 6.5% of all listeners. It scored a 5.1 in the same quarter of 2005 and was up from a 3.4 in the third quarter of 2006... A merry yule for WNIC (Fri, 1/12)

The Tigers and Red Wings on Thursday announced a three-year contract extension with two local CBS Radio affiliates to air regular-season and playoff games, as well as some exhibition games. All games will continue to air on WXYT-AM (1270). The most significant feature of the new deal is that each game will be simulcast on WKRK-FM (97.1). In making the change, the Tigers acknowledged that their AM broadcast signal wasn't clear enough in some areas of metro Detroit... Deal boosts range for Tigers, Wings broadcasts (Fri, 1/12)







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