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94.7 WCSX Goes Deep

Deep Trax HD2 Free Preview This Weekend

WCSXThis coming weekend, Classic Rock WCSX-FM 94.7 will take listeners deep into the music vault with a preview of 'CSX's HD multicast station, "WCSX Deep Trax".

The WCSX Deep Trax Free Preview Weekend will kick off Saturday, January 27th at noon and continue all weekend through Sunday night, all without commercials.

WCSX harnesses the power of HD Radio to provide listeners the highest fidelity ever available on FM radio- and even more choices. Deep Trax features the lesser heard gems from deep within the classic albums. WCSX Deep Trax delivers enormous variety with virtually no repetition and even fewer interruptions.

Responding to our listener feedback of features such as “Classic Rock A-to-Z”, Deep Trax HD2 is hosted by the station’s on-air personalities Ken Calvert, Jim Johnson, Lynne Woodison, Karen Savelly, and Steve Kostan. It provides 24/7 access to those Classic Rock treasures that may be a bit outside the radio musical norm.

94.7 WCSX debuted Deep Trax, a special HD Radio multicast station, at the end of July 2005 with the unveiling of the HD radio broadcast. Both stations transmit a digital signal that provides CD quality sound and has the ability to display more text information than a traditional radio. Fans can listen to WCSX Deep Trax through special HD radio receivers available in tabletop and auto receiver models now or by simply logging on to

Here’s just a sample of some of the titles featured on WCSX Deep Trax:
BEATLES/Abbey Road: “Her Majesty,” “I Want You,” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”
DOORS/L.A. Woman: “Hyacinth House,” “Crawling King Snake,” and “The Wasp”
STEVE MILLER/Fly Like An Eagle: “Wild Mountain Honey,” “Blue Odyssey,” and “You Send Me”
TOM PETTY/Damn the Torpedoes: “Century City,” and “Louisiana Rain”
LED ZEPPELIN/Houses of the Holy: “The Song Remains The Same” and “The Crunge”

Detroit Free Press:

Judy Adams, noted musicologist and program director of WDET-FM (101.9) until 2005, has returned to the Detroit music scene after a period of informal exile. She's hosting the Music Hall's new live jazz performance series Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 to 11 p.m., and will voice the programs on WVMV-FM (98.7) Sundays at 11 p.m. (WVMV's HD channel will re-air them more often.) Adams has taken on those jobs in addition to her once-a-week program on CJAM-FM (91.5) on Tuesdays from 9 to 10:30 a.m... Judy Adams returns to Detroit music (Wed, 1/24)

Hal Youngblood, a multitalented performer who labored behind the scenes at Detroit’s WJR-AM (760) as producer of J.P. McCarthy’s morning show and his legendary noontime “Focus” show, died early today in Johnson City, Tenn. Youngblood, 77, also was active in the local theater scene, performing in many productions here over the years... Hal Youngblood dies (Wed, 1/24)

Detroit News:

Once again it's that time where I attempt to answer all your pressing TV questions... 'Local 4 News' can't defeat 'O' (Wed, 1/24)

Jay Butler Named Afternoon Voice At WLQV/Detroit:
Veteran DETROIT personality JAY BUTLER takes over as host of "FAITH TALK AFTERNOONS" on SALEM Religion WLQV-A/DETROIT. EDWARDS, a veteran of WJLB, WCHB-A, and WQBH-A (where he also served as PD), will be heard as the voice introducing the station's afternoon shows and features, including "BACK TO THE BIBLE," "EQUIPPED FOR LIFE," "THE PAUL EDWARDS PROGRAM," and others.

"JAY BUTLER is an icon in DETROIT radio and will be a great asset as we take a leadership role in Christian talk for this region," said SALEM/DETROIT GM CHRIS MACCOURTNEY. (Wed, 1/24)







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