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WDFN billboard reaffirms Lions fans frustration

With the Detroit Lions completing their 6th consecutive losing season and with their place in the NFL’s proverbial basement solidified, Sports Radio 1130 WDFN recently provided an avenue for listeners and loyal Lions fans to speak out and let the Lions and more specifically Matt Millen and Bill Ford Senior know how they feel and presented the Fire Millen/Millen Fire Yourself petition on

Anybody could log onto to sign the petition and divulge exactly how discouraged they were with the franchise’s continued downward spiral. In the weeks since the petition went live on, approximately 2,000 names and comments from literally around the world have poured into the website and continue to do so every day, even though the season is over and it is now known that Millen will be back next year.

WDFN and faithful Lions fans everywhere have spoken and a new billboard embodying the fans frustration has been erected. The actual design was based off of an original entry from the online petition. The billboard, which will be up through the end of January, can be seen on the east side of I-75 near 8 Mile Rd. by motorists traveling south into downtown Detroit. WDFN believes that this comment, as posted by WDFN listener Andy from Trenton, Michigan, best sums up the feelings of Lions fans everywhere.

Detroit Free Press:

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Detroit News:

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